Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Life is not fair, says the lady columnist. Life is not fair, is an old saw probably invented by those who, like the lady columnist, have it a lot better than others. And of course, they say they put their trust in God. Meaning “they are blessed.”

Okay, so life isn’t fair, as we see the images of children in Africa with extended stomachs, their skin pressed against their bones. Go tell these children life isn’t fair.

But Luis, those people are Muslims, hombre, they are not the Christians you know. There you go again, with the religion thing again. But I don’t think God blesses anybody. The Bible says God is no respecter of persons. And I believe that includes well-educated columnists who say life isn’t fair.

And God, “who is no respecter of persons,” according to the Old Testament, God rained fire on the Biblical towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, killing everybody there. And I say, everything but the roaches. For some reason God seems to favor the roaches. While the gays got incinerated.

Maybe that’s when the idea “life isn’t fair” got started?

But some Bible scholars on PBS eight or nine years ago said it was not God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It was an underground volcano eruption spewing fire and ash that burned and buried the towns.

It was an above ground volcano in ancient Italy that buried Pompey. And that was not a town populated by gays.

“Old Faithful,” in Yellowstone National Park, is an underground volcano, and it could burst any moment or in 100 years, they say, but burst it will, and when it does, it will be very “unfair” to a lot of people.

Adam and Eve got seduced by the serpent and got booted out of the Garden, but God did nothing to the serpent. Was that fair? For some reason it seems God favors serpents. I hear they are breeding out of control in Florida! Is that fair to the Floridians?

Eve gets all the blame for our sinful nature. Is that fair?

There was a crazy Colonel Chivington in the Colorado militia, who as an Indian hater, and for political gains ordered a massacre of a peaceful group of Cheyenne, whose chief even had an American flag flying high above his tepee. Was that fair? For some reason, God has always favored the Chivingtons. What say you Bible thumpers, is that fair of God?

The slaves in America who were kidnapped from African countries, and were brought in chains to America, and sold into slavery, probably didn’t think that was fair. I guess God did not bless the “darkies” as they were called by poor Southerners who didn’t have a pot or a window to throw it out of. For some reason, God has always favored slavery. There were slaves in Old Testament, as well as in the New Testament times. And there are still today slaves in this world. Some are slaves in every sense of the word, while others are just economic slaves. But all the local lady columnist can say is, “life isn’t fair.”


England would send its “undesirables” to America as indentured servants who would sign a contract to work for those who paid their passage, and maintenance, and had to work for their sponsor for a period of time, or until they paid the sponsor his investment in them which included room and board.

These were white servants, a different kind of slave. But a slave nonetheless, and Christians too.


Life is not fair, and even worse when Jesus in the New Testament tells the camel crowd they can keep their slaves.

See, the American Founders knew all this stuff, and that’s why they didn’t settle us with a national religion – they were fair, reasonable men. But like Jesus, the Founders did not ban slavery, but the difference is that the Founders would’ve had a civil war on their hands debating and arguing the Constitution in 1776. Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson argued to debate slavery, but were outvoted.

But they laid the groundwork, and men like Abe Lincoln and his supporters settled the slave issue in the Constitution, in the form of an amendment.

I believe if Trump had lived in the days of indentured slaves, he would have ordered a pretty, young thing to keep house, and play house as well. And as the local columnist would say, “Yippee Yi Yo!”

But conservative columnist Michael Gerson wrote: “that Trump and members of his circle are corrupt, has been established beyond doubt.” Is that fair of Gerson?

You bet your sweet “Yippee Yi Yo,” it is fair.

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