Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

The end is near! Nothing is going right! Trump keeps tweeting, the RACIST slob! China is not signing a trade deal or buying American soybeans! There is no agreement in the offing. The only Black Republican is retiring! The Republican Party is finished! No Blacks, no women – wrap a funeral ribbon around the old GOP. It’s over. Texas is going Blue.

The only thing Trump has accomplished is a solid world dominant economy, with Communist China now having to rethink their 2045 timeframe of replacing America as the world’s dominant power.

This loud mouth racist Trump is demanding fair trade, refusing to fork over near a trillion dollars a year trade advantage for Communist China, intending soon to be our slave master. They must sign and obey a solemn promise not to steal America’s innovative tomorrow inventions, including our military secrets, honoring every word of it in friendship. Otherwise no deal.

China has lost two million jobs and we have more jobs than educated workers. China’s choice is to sign the deal now, or work with the Democrats to replace Trump in 2020 continuing toward world dominance.

But if Trump is re-elected, the next deal will favor America, severely reversing the last decade of China’s ascendency. It looks today that China is working with the Democrats to defeat Trump. Trump doesn’t run a single inner city American school. Democrats do.

They have many failing schools. Thirteen Baltimore schools had not a single student passing the national math exam. Somebody either dropped the ball in leadership, or didn’t think the precious kids could learn, starting in kindergarten.

The problem can and must be fixed Trump is willing to meet with Baltimore Congressman Cummings, working to fix the problem with public/private sector opportunity zones, but will not send another billion for locals to use as they decide. The congressman so far has refused.

Senator Graham passed potential immigration reform out of committee, somehow maneuvering around the steaming mad, rabid Democrat senators, which could now force the Democrats in the Senate and House make a public “NO” vote on immigration reform.

I never ever saw madder Democrats, first refusing to attend preventing a quorum, but when they did Graham changed the rules on them just as Democrat Harry Reid often did. They were apoplectic, Republicans acting just like Democrats.

While Trump’s agenda is populist, well between right and left normal, he is portrayed as the most-evil president in history. CNN, MSNBC, a majority of media is hysterically attacking everything he does as America destroying evil, not smart enough to understand government.

I watched CNN and MSNBC most all day last Friday back and forth, and not once did I hear a single word about the attorney general investigating the Obama investigators, the Durham Special Counsel, or the Hurwitz’s Inspector General’s Report.

It’s as if the only thing going on is deserting Republicans because the nation is turning Blue, and “hate racist Trump” who is still denying Russian collusion gave him the 2016 election, as if the Trump hating Mueller Special Counsel never occurred.

Not one mention of Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and Bill Clinton’s 26 trips aboard abusing the young girls. The media knew, but are only interested in conservative Republican sins.

Now we have the tragic, unthinkable killings in El Paso and Ohio, which is all Trump’s fault. Obama had 32 mass killings and none of it was his fault. Seven people were shot at Douglas Park in Chicago last week, but the media didn’t care enough to cover it. It wasn’t Trump’s fault. But it’s only an opportunity for a Trump solution, working to repair our sick secular society caused by throwing billions at a failing society without demanding responsibilities.

The first El Paso headline was “Trump urges Unity vs. Racism,” but the Democrats demanded “it was all Trump’s fault,” so the New York Times folded like the cheap paper they are, and now it’s all Trump’s fault in unison.

Trump was a Democrat much longer than he has been a Republican, and the left will get the best gun deal out of Trump they will ever get. Will they take it?

Smart people learn from their mistakes, but smarter people learn from historic past mistakes.

We have to stop this insanity and work together in love, red flagging the loners being rejected by contemporaries, mostly raised with an absent father, posting killing dreams on social media.

Trump just may be the man to do it, thinking like a problem-solver business man, not a cheap politician thinking only about winning the next elections by destroying the opposition.

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