Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Donald Trump could be the worst liar between two oceans.

Incoherent is the word recently used by Trump ally Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham to describe Trump. In other words, Sen. Graham referred to his hero as stupid.

And it could be, and it probably is a blatant lie that a small (very small) group of minorities is growing in support of Trump. A local columnist recently rattled off a list of polls he thinks are favorable to his idol, the not-so-great Trump. But he conveniently left out the one that says 18 percent of Republicans are sick of Trump, want to see him tied to a White House pillar and whooped by a Democrat!

Recent polls show that 65 percent of voters don’t want Trump re-elected. Fifty-five percent would definitely not vote for him, and 45 percent want him tar and feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Particularly folks in the states of Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania’s recent primaries.

The GOP is running scared being chased by Democratic hounds and treed.

Women in the staunchest Republican strongholds are voting Democrat. They think Trump is a sap-sucking woodpecker who has lost his mind and thinks it’s the people who have lost theirs.

The congressional Republicans keep digging deep into their bag of tricks trying to come up with something that will stop the impeachment process. But the hounds of justice have clamped their Democratic jaws on Trump’s rear end, and they are not letting go.

And Trump has his hands full right now with the courts ruling against his dictator ways. And even his very own Attorney General William Barr refused Trump’s request to go public with a denial that Trump’s phone call to Ukraine was illegal.

Dear Bible thumpers on the devotional page, are the walls of Jericho tumbling? Has Joshua shown up at the White House? The lady Bible thumper says in her recent column, “It may be later than we think.”

But the Hispanic Bible thumper on the same page says in Spanish: “But not to worry folks, the situations that bring us sadness and tragedies we can count on God who loves us to see us through.”

Well, okay, but Bible thumpers, is God Republican, Democrat or independent?

See? That’s why the Founders left God out of the Constitution. They didn’t want one group lording it over everybody else. And that includes religion.

In 2016, the black vote for Hillary was 82 percent. For Trump, it was a laughable eight percent! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Columnist.

Trump has three Republican challengers, one of them Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts who recently called for the impeachment of Trump, and practically called the Senate Republicans a bunch of chickens afraid of Trump voters. Hispanics for Trump in America are probably Mexican nationals who are used to crooked administrations, and working for minimum wage is a fortune to them compared to five and 10 pesos a day they get in Viva Mejico.

Speaking of Viva Mejico, some states used to be cartel free. But now every state in Mexico is owned by cartels.

But back to the U.S. and the local columnist who dreams of 32 percent of Hispanics voting Republican. Like John Wayne would say: “That’ll be the day.”

And the Republicans in the U.S. Congress in the face of many witnesses, at least two which were recent former ambassadors to Ukraine and at least four who have admitted Trump’s phone call with President Zelenesky of Ukraine was about bribery, still defend this extortionist in the Oval Office.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in his testimony to Congress, including Republicans in the various committees pointed to Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney as the architect of the extortion scheme against President Zelensky of Ukraine. Like Senator Graham said, Trump is too stupid to have thought of the scheme.

But he went along with it.

Trump was the one on the phone putting the pressure on Zelensky.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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Once again Luis, the only liar here is you. The poll figures that you spew without giving any details on where you got your numbers are flat out wrong. In fact, new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found Trump’s approval rebounding to 45 percent overall, with Hispanic approval jumping sharply—to 42 percent. A more conservative rolling average puts the figure at around 35 percent, and rising. And then you claim there are “some” Republican’s that want to take Trump behind the White House and have a Democrat whoop him. What is wrong with you? Readers don’t want your “never Trump” hateful rhetoric and opinions, we want facts and figures. An Economist/YouGov poll found 32 percent approval rating among Hispanics; another from The Hill and HarrisX has it at 35 percent. In mid-January, Reuters/Ipsos found his approval among Hispanics at 36 percent, the highest since the 2016 election. Whether keeping pace or on the rise, these polls suggest that Hispanics are responding to Trump as president more like Americans as a whole—close to 45 percent of whom approve of Trump. So your insinuation that the GOP is running scared is laughable. The impeachment fiasco will die out soon just as the Russian Collusion claims by the Democrats which turned out to be nothing, then we had the Mueller Investigation which turned out was a bunch of illegal actions by…oh yeah….Democrats. I can hardly wait to see the Barr/Duncan report and a few Democrats hauled off to jail for their illegal actions. And I must say that I find your hateful comments about Christians, your reference calling us “Bible Thumpers” to be totally offensive. Your vocal stream of hate, intolerance, violence, intimidation, harassment, mistruths, distortions, degradations, censorship, incitement, and anti-American sentiments are unwanted. You are just more of the fake news that is working overtime to make false allegations and blame President Trump for everything. Your resistance campaign is going to do nothing but re-elect Trump in what is likely to be a landslide election. See you at the polls. #GodBlessAmerica #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAGA

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