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Susan Ridgeway, the “Del Rio Cake Lady,” is currently in a nursing home facility after having a stroke. Ridgeway is known in the community for her cakes and confections, as well as her scrapbooking talents and the pottery she made.

Friends and family of Susan Ridgeway, the “Del Rio Cake Lady,” are seeking assistance for Ridgeway’s medical care.

Ridgeway had a stroke and is in a nursing home facility at this time. Ridgeway is known in the community for her cakes and confections.

“Nearly everyone in Del Rio knows Ridgeway and her wonderful reputation as a creative artist and have enjoyed her many confections throughout the years,” according to a news release.

Ridgeway’s reputation precedes her, as the comment is often made “you can taste a cake in Del Rio, and you will know that Susan was the creator of that cake.”

Ridgeway is also known for her scrapbooking talents and the pottery she has made through the years and shared with friends.

Creativity runs through Ridgeway’s family, as she made cakes and confections, and catered in Del Rio for 45 years.

Ridgeway worked as a waitress at the Branding Iron Steak House. Then she worked at Wright’s Steakhouse for 28 years, where she baked cakes and confections as a side business, according to the release.

Ridgeway retired from Wright’s Steakhouse in 2013 to fully dedicate her time to cakes and confections.

Ridgeway has lived in Del Rio for 45 years and raised three children here, Julie, Lisa and Matthew, all of whom graduated from Del Rio High School. She was born in Dunedin, New Zealand.

According to the release, citizens seeking to send monetary donations for Ridgeway’s medical aid can be made to an account for Ridgeway at the Bank and Trust: Mrs. Susan Ridgeway, Attention: Mr. Jerry Simpton, Vice President Del Rio Bank and Trust.

Citizens wanting to send cards and get well wishes can send them to: Susan Ridgeway, c/o Lisa Bexley, 5010 Oscow Circle West, Fulshear, Texas 77441-4459.

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