A Mexican national pleaded guilty to the possession of contraband and will be spending hard time after corrections officers found a cell phone in his possession at the GEO correctional facility.

Christian Gallardo-Gaucin, 21, was sentenced to two years in a Texas Department of Correctional Justice facility by 63rd Judicial District Judge Enrique Fernandez, court documents recently released show.

On June 2, 2018 Gallardo was found to be in possession of a cell phone inside his cell, which he kept underneath the bunk, stored in a sock. Along with the cell phone corrections officers found a charger and a charging cord, court documents state.

Gaucin admitted the cellphone was his, and said he had bought it from another inmate, a report states.

At the time of the finding Gaucin had been at the GEO facility for about six months, facing federal charges, the report states.

Gaucin told Val Verde Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Cardenas his grandmother had passed away, he was very depressed and wanted to make phone calls to his residence, according to the report.

Gaucin told Deputy Cardenas an inmate approached him and told him he had a cell phone he could use to make the calls he needed to make, the report states.

Gaucin bought the cell phone from the inmate for $300, the report states.

Cardenas and the corrections officers seized the cell phone and accessories for evidence. The deputy filed charges against Gaucin for the possession of contraband in a correctional facility, a third degree felony.

The case was prosecuted by 63rd and 83rd Judicial Districts District Attorney Michael Bagley.

“The State of Texas through the DA’s office is satisfied with the plea, sentence and conviction of Mr. Gaucin in this case,” Bagley said.

“We will not tolerate prohibited items, drugs or weapons in a correctional facility as we need to continue to work with all law enforcement in the prosecution of these cases to ensure the safety of our jailers and correctional officers, other employees and other inmates being housed at the respective facility,” Bagley said.

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