Matt Tardy

Matt Tardy will perform his stunt juggling routine for the local community as the final performance for the Val Verde County Library’s summer event lineup on Aug. 5.

The Val Verde County Library will host juggling artist Matt Tardy on Aug. 5 inside the large conference room. Tardy will perform his stunt juggling routine at 10:30 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m.

The performance will close out the library’s summer long activities for the community.

Tardy began his career as a performer, alongside his brother, in 1994. He later was offered an apprenticeship and tour with comedian Michael Miclon.

The apprenticeship gave Tardy the opportunity to train with Mime Master Tony Montanaro, Broadway comedians, gold-medal jugglers and Cirque du Soleil performers. Tardy has performed all over the globe, including the Atlantis Resort, Disney Cruise Lines and the White House on three separate occasions.

Similar to previous events held by the library, the performance is open to the public. Day cares are allowed to attend. Strollers are to be placed inside a designated area in the library in order to accommodate for the most amount of space for attendees. Pets are not allowed inside the building.

Val Verde County Library Children’s Library Reba Benavides added the summer performances could not have been done without the help of the Friends of the Library.

“Just for the summer shows, the organization donated over $2,000. It pays off when the community continues to show interest,” Benavides said.

During the previous performance dates, Benavides confirmed the library had a good turnout for both.

After the summer events end, Benavides, with the help of Val Verde County Library Young Adult Specialist Jaqueline Vazquez, will begin planning for next year’s summer lineup in November.

Benavides and Vazquez will go to a showcase specifically for Texas libraries, watch brief performances and meet performers. From there they will decided and begin organizing next summer’s lineup.

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