A spate of rainy weather has slowed work at the new county women’s shelter, but officials still say the shelter will be completed by the end of the month.

“Currently, we’re in a weather delay pattern,” County Purchasing Agent Roy Musquiz Jr. told members of Val Verde County Commissioners Court Monday.

Musquiz has been providing the court with regular updates on the construction of the county’s new women’s shelter.

“Since last meeting, we were scheduled with Precinct 2 to go and start on the grading of the area (around the shelter) so we can have the landscaper come in and do his part of the work. Unfortunately for this project, it’s been raining, so we’re being delayed,” Musquiz said.

He said the county crew needs at least three dry days in a row to be able to be able to get on site with the necessary equipment.

“So on the outside of the building, we’re on standby, and as soon as we can get that done, we’ll move forward with that,” he said.

Musquiz said a stove for the shelter’s spacious kitchen has been received and has been installed.

“Some of the fence maintenance got started last week, and they’re in the middle of that, and we’ll probably wait a few days to continue with that,” Musquiz said.

“That’s all that’s lacking?” County Commissioner Pct. 1 Martin Wardlaw asked.

“Yes, sir, the landscaping being the bulk of it. They have to get holes and get them ready for the tree-planting and then after we get the landscape fabric laid out, just pour the aggregates and get the handrails welded up, and we’re ready to go,” Musquiz replied.

“When does this have to be in operation? Does everything have to be finished (for the shelter) to be in operation?” Wardlaw asked.

County Judge Lewis G. Owens Jr. said he doesn’t want equipment to be operating on the side of the shelter where children will be allowed to play.

“Communications will be available to us, according to the last update from Spectrum, on June 28,” Musquiz added.

Owens suggested the women’s shelter update be placed as an action item on the agenda of the court’s second June meeting in two weeks.

“At that time, we can make a decision if we just want to go ahead and open it up and get everything moved over there,” Owens said.

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