The clouded meaning of the rainbow, now paraded on the streets in the world, has taken the promises of God from a blessing of never destroying this earth again by flood, to a flood of immoral sexual behavioral living. It is as if mankind dares to raise their prideful parades in eyes of the Lord as if He were a mere man who can be mocked and scorned. Yet we know these are those of their master the devil and their master they serve. The devil also dares to try to mock and scorn God our Creator. Yet God Himself does not forget His Covenant of Grace He offers all mankind, even those that dare take the rainbow and turn it seemingly as the devils flag he now waves across the nations.

I am not saying to hate those that do these things, nor do I agree with these living their lives in these bondages. Actually it makes many in Christ maybe want to give in and let this minority rule and reign. Yet we have to stand up and warn every man of the consequences of living a life of any deadly lifestyle of sin outside of God. Grace will not excuse a heart reprobate and sinful, but will excuse a humble heart that will call upon the Lord from a spirit that is contrite.

It is a sad thing to know what we do, regarding the end of those that do such things, to flaunt their sinful lives before God and the great cloud of witnesses attesting to the death they bring to themselves. We know that those who never repent and receive Christ as Lord to serve Him, they will spend eternity in hell with their father the devil. Praise God, we have a president in the Whitehouse that did not light up the Whitehouse itself in these colors this weekend, as did our last president.

What I truly do not understand is any Christian that sides with those that live this lifestyle and love their lives as if it is okay? Nor do I understand those called Christians that vote for those that support such things. Perhaps if we will love others by speaking the truth, and not just ignoring the facts or side with those that just love them and never tell them the truth, then perhaps things will change. It may be time to understand people of God, that if we do not speak the truth we may very well be accountable one day before God of the souls burning in Hell who did not repent because we hold our peace! I choose to love them yes but also to speak the truth!

The cancer of sexual immorality is widespread in this nation and the nations. We as Christians should know that those that do such things, that love and practice then shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Now for the record, if you don’t understand that God will discipline a nation, a city, as well as people who go after these things because His desire is to bring them to repent.

When God takes his protection from over a nation, a city, or a person’s life, believe me that all hell can break loose. Is there such thing as judgements over cities and nation, and people? The answer is yes. God is speaking to the people of this nation and the nations to come out from among these abominable things and serve the living God. To think that you serve God yet have no desire to repent or turn from these things whichever these might be is a farcy.

Understand this, that sexual immoral behavior is any type of sexual contact outside of marriage between a man and woman, not just that of a man with another man or a woman with another woman. It all leads to death and death it will bring. God warns us because He loves us and calls all people to repent and follow Jesus as Lord and Savior. We must understand that without Christ these actions will seem even right unto an unregenerate spirit of one not in Christ. However to claim to be a follower of Christ and live a lifestyle in these behavioral patterns, one must surely know that these things will lead to death and hell if one does not repent.

Somewhere over the rainbow, God is watching and He does not turn a blind eye as if He does not know all and see all. He is full of mercy and compassion but one day He will judge the living and the dead.

I hope you understand that He warned all mankind that vengeance belongs unto God, and one day He will repay!

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Worry about your own soul and sins and stop judging other people. God demands that you love your neighbor. Period.

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