Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Singing the blues, and writing a column, and no, these are not the songs of the late crooners such as Martin and Sinatra.

These are the songs of despair and desperation as sung by the local columnist.

And since Mr. Columnist is not Dean Martin, his column doesn’t even make it to number 40 on the hayride jamboree. But following are the hitless Trump parade:

• Jeffrey Epstein arrested again by Trump’s DOJ, whose director Bob Barr, recused himself from the case. Why?

• Recently established a commission to examine the meaning of human rights. What?

• Alex Acosta, whose stint as Trump’s Labor Secretary was short-lived, but Trump praised him to the end.

But bad behavior is eventually published in a not too flattering light:

• Epstein and Trump are birds of a feather, with Trump whispering in Epstein’s ear seemingly sizing up women at a Trump hosted party. And Epstein in the tape/video, is shown greatly enjoying Trump’s whispers. But Trump now practically says he wouldn’t touch his soul mate with a 10-foot pole. Hmm. What, I wonder, broke up the boy-boy romance? Well, according to the local columnist, Epstein attacked a 14-year-old girl, and Trump broke up the romance. I don’t see that as an act of indignation coming from “The Paragon of Virtue,” Trump. I think Trump, as usual, was looking out for number one. Cops snooping around Mar-A-Lago would make Trump very nervous.

• A commission to study the meaning of human rights? Is this a joke? Hey, Trump, a commission to study the meaning of human rights is like North Korea wanting to know what the meaning of famine is. And Buzzard City’s corporate liaison asking the citizens what is needed to grow Buzzard, and some answered: More restaurants! No people, Buzzard needs better paying jobs, be they restaurants or not. But back to human rights. Trump, who calls himself “a stable genius,” and jokes about staying in power beyond another four years, and hang the Constitution. This evil man is imposing his will in the public’s subconscious like a barefoot thief in the night. And I say the public is aware that the stables as in “stable genius” are strewn with horse manure.

• Former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who Trump described as a “Hispanic” and “did a great job,” but is now unemployed is also the former Florida Attorney General who did a great job of weaseling a cushy jail (not prison) sentence of 13 months for Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta may be Hispanic, but he was also a weasel setting up Epstein in jail with all the freedoms of a free individual. “A judge ruled that Acosta’s team’s handling of the case violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.” (Michelle Goldberg) columnist, New York Times. How do like them apples you local columnist? You trying to pull the wool over Del Rio’s eyes? Admit it, Trump is an unsavory character.

Alexander Acosta was the federal attorney who oversaw the deal Epstein received in 2008. And facing federal charges, which could have stashed him away for a long time, Epstein was allowed to plead to minor state charges instead.

After Epstein served his time, he had to register as a sex offender. “Inexplicably, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office under Democrat Cyrus Vance Jr., asked a judge to downgrade Epstein’s sex-offender status from level three, the most serious, to level one, the least.”

The judge couldn’t believe his ears, and refused. What is going on? What is going on is money, and power.

Crook or prosecutor, they stick together like birds of a feather. And we the people are caught between the devil, and the deep, blue sea.

Some say we are living the age of impunity. David Milliband, the chief executive of the International Rescue Committee alludes to “the democratic collapse” or recession mostly being felt right now by civilians in lawless failed states.

Warring countries, and there are many, are creating the endless waves of refugees which seem unstoppable.

These world refugees, whether escaping poverty or crime, (some are escaping bombs and chemical weapons) are on the move, and how do you stop them?

Trump is a lunatic. How long before he orders the military and Border Patrol agents to do crazy sh--t? This is a situation pretty much like the Jews escaping Hitler, and a boatload of them were kept from landing in America.

Something could happen worse at the Southern border.

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