Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Does objective journalism still exist? Once the idea of journalism was objective facts letting the reader draw their own opinion. That journalism is exceedingly rare today. Some would argue it never existed.

In the 1940s and 1950s journalism was almost stenographic, reporting actual words without much analysis. The 1960s brought us T.V. news, and the 1990s brought us cable news outlets and media became partisan.

Some preach only to a loyal audience, telling them what they want to hear with no other side. Small town media is being shaped by larger media companies buying struggling local media, largely following their party line. Gannett has brought over 100 struggling local papers carrying their take of the news.

Politics is now organized around national issues, with fewer people looking for neutral ground truth, but catering to protect their personal bias.

Just now typing at 7:55 a.m. on Aug. 10 I hear that Jeffery Epstein committed suicide in his New York jail cell. I have a column started predicting that his life isn’t worth much, because the professional killers had too much to lose if he lived.

I thought I had more time, reading that his New York jailers were putting him on suicide watch, but now learn it was removed, unpublicized for unknown reasons. Something stinks!!!

Now that Epstein is deceased, there will be little to no justice for his fellow travelers in crime. I am only sorry I didn’t finish it, and publish it last week, knowing of numerous suicides of people with unfortunate knowledge.

MSNBC said Trump was happy with the news, but court records establish that Trump barred Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago night club for attempting to lure young girls.

I’m glad Attorney General Barr is investigating. He is not Deep State bought out, an impeccably honest man.

Donald Trump’s presidency has changed journalism! His short tenure has been earthquake different. If it weren’t for Twitter, Fox, and talk radio many would never know that the stock market is near 50 percent higher, with record low employment for minorities.

But the media can’t dampen the high spirits of voters with jobs and dreams of a better future. But they can present the news in such negative terms changing spirits manipulating emotions by not painting a full picture.

I saw a quick C-Span video of what appeared to be a rather large group of Trump supporters in El Paso when the story was Trump wasn’t welcome in El Paso. I googled it, asking for Trump supporting evidence by crowd size, and found nothing looking at about four pages.

Google only had New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, all anti Trump information and nothing I could find from the other side conservative press.

I wasn’t really surprised, but wanted to know if my old eyes really saw a quick shot of many Trump supporters, out of step with the prevailing sentiment of the moment.

A recent Google official claims Google had intentions of securing two million voters for the Democrats in 2020. Ted Cruz held a hearing on leftist Google bias but the Google executive representing them artfully denied any leftist bias.

Google records established their executives had donated millions to Democrats, and not one cent to a single Republican candidate, enough evidence to confirm my long held suspicions.

Why does the media not educate us on the manifesto of the El Paso killer? Could it be for reasons not fitting their narrative? Is it because he blamed Al Gore for climate change, Republican and Democrats for favoring corporations fueling economic woes, and promoted far-left healthcare, and universal incomes?

He blamed Trump for the recent doubling of guest workers, the American lifestyle for destroying the environment, and calls for a decreased American population. Did he really tell the officials that Trump had nothing to do with the horrific killings?

I really think his manifesto should be available in big headlines so you could form your own opinion. Whatever his reasons, short of mentally insane, he should have a speedy trial, receiving the death penalty, and sooner rather than later executed. The reasons really don’t matter now, it’s done, and justice must be done.

Justice is coming for the Obama Administration using government to elect Hillary, bigger than Watergate by miles. Media ACCEPT THE TRUTH, quit your lying gorilla dust and let’s keep America great for the sake of the world. Trump is working for the benefit of all Americans, far from racism and White nationalism. Get Aboard all Patriots.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party.

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