Construction work at Del Rio High School will not keep the students from utilizing the high school’s cafeteria, according to San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Carlos Rios.

The high school’s cafeteria is currently being remodeled and Rios explained incoming students will be able to sit and eat inside the campus during lunch hours.

“Our cafeteria serving lines are intact and our seating area will be completed by the end of this week,” Rios said. The kitchen was not a part of the remodeling for the cafeteria.

He said there are no plans for an open campus and rumors circulating the idea were false and misleading. The high school will be using current tables available for students to use during lunch hours.

“Current tables will be used until November of this year. The new furniture will arrive in late November,” Rios said.

There are four phases to the high school cafeteria remodeling. Phase one is the expansion phase and will be completed by the end of this week.

Rios said the only item pending to complete this phase is the glass wall that separates the cafeteria from the gymnasium. This does not impede the safe operations of school programs, according to Rios.

The glass wall is expected to be completed by the end of September and will allow the construction team to move into phase two. Phase two focuses on remodeling the lower dining cafeteria level.

Phase two includes the addition of a kiosk, microwave stations and student work stations. “This phase will be completed by the end of October,” Rios said.

Phase three is the flooring phase and is expected to be completed during winter holidays. Remodeling for the cafeteria is expected to be fully completed in August 2020 with phase four.

“The ceiling phase: This phase includes the addition of a fire suppression system and acoustical improvements. This phase is expected to be completed by August 2020,” Rios said.

Plans to renovate the cafeteria were approved earlier in the year, with the construction documentation phase with Kissling Architects, Inc. approved during a school district board of trustees regular meeting on April 15.

Board members approved funds for the renovation on May 28.

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