“Trump’s Child Detention Camps Cost $775 Per Person Every Day”, https://is.gd/xMGm3h, answers some of why GOPers oppose a Green New Deal among progressive reforms. Condoning “Zero Tolerance” cruelty sends an intended message and politically connected friends in the private prison industry prosper, including former Trump Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, https://is.gd/BgPLCm.

Thirty to forty percent of Americans agree with Trump: “If you don’t like the conditions, just tell them not to come.” Unconscionable, complicit with evil happening to desperate people! Shameful, a hot poker for a functioning conscience!

Texas 23rd District GOP Congressman Will Hurd; whose district is the longest bordering Mexico, appeared on Morning Joe and Meet the Press recently. He stated Dems didn’t pass his several billions dollar plan designed to improve conditions and fund Immigration Courts to process the backlog. Shouldn’t a former intelligence officer; although holding his punches due to political partisanship, know “why”?

It’s called “trust.” Squandered and trampled is trust.

The same administration funneled $2,500,000 from National Park gate receipts had $92,000,000 for a misbegotten Soviet-style May Day Parade while Border Patrol claims they don’t have money for toiletries. Other administration officials incredulously tell courts they don’t have to provide them,

https://is.gd/WvrHwK! Trump’s lied 10,000-plus times, including to federal courts about ending the policy of separation and to SCOTUS about the reasons for census citizenship question, https://is.gd/VK8lFJ.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”


Not Trump, his supporters or Hurd’s judgment!

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