Del Rioan Maria Aguirre de Garcia had no idea she would be receiving an early Christmas present when she moved into the Roswell Apartments in late November.

Garcia, according to her daughter, suffers from a number of health problems and was referred to the Roswell by a local home health provider.

Roswell Apartments Manager Henry Sotelo said Thursday when Garcia arrived to move into her new apartment about a week ago, she came with only an air mattress to sleep on.

Sotelo called Sylvia Owens, an executive vice president for the Texas Community Bank company and the regional president for the Texas Community Bank’s Del Rio branch, and asked for help.

Owens and the Texas Community Bank have previously donated money and time to residents of the apartments.

When Owens learned Garcia was sleeping only on an air mattress, she arranged for Texas Community Bank to donate $2,500 so she could pick out a bed and other furniture. The bank had previously donated $2,500 for beds and furniture for two other new Roswell residents.

“I hope that other agencies and organizations will see this and realize that there is a need,” Sotelo said.He said elderly and disabled persons living in less-than-standard homes or other untenable positions are often referred to the Roswell by a number of different agencies and organizations.

The Roswell contains about 60 units and applications for residences there are taken through the Del Rio Housing Authority. Sotelo said the residences are almost always full and are for elderly persons ages 65 and older and disabled persons.

Sotelo said most of the residences contain a small kitchen, a living room and one bedroom.

Owens said she is happy she and the bank are able to make a difference.

“I love being able to do this. It’s amazing. It’s unfortunate there are people who live like that, but when you’re able to reach out and help someone, it’s gives you a good feeling inside, to be able to say, ‘We are going to make a difference for someone.’

“I think that’s what we’re all here for... I’ve been blessed, and hopefully, I can bless some folks along the way,” Owens added.

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