Kawaii Craft

Children between the grade levels third to 12th paint their mason jars with colors of their choosing and make it cute as part of the Kawaii Craft taking place at the Val Verde Library County Library.

The Val Verde Country Library kicked off its summer schedule of events Wednesday with Lego Lab and Kawaii Craft, receiving many participants.

Children’s Librarian Reba Benavides and Collection Development and Young Adult Specialist Jaqueline Vazquez agreed the library received more than 200 attendees for Lego Lab.

Lego Lab was designed for children of all ages and was from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Children were able to create to their heart’s content with Legos provided by funds from the Friends of the Val Verde County Library.

In the afternoon children within grade levels third to 12th were invited to create“kawaii,” the Japanese word for cute, crafts in three different stations.

Children were able to paint mason jars and polymer clay or fill a felt cloth fruit with stuffing. With a parent’s permission, children were allowed to learn to sew a felt pineapple and then fill it with stuffing.

Vazquez added the projects are designed to fit the theme of the event but allow children to create their crafts with differentiating ideas.

“If they (the children) don’t like what is there or if they want to be adventurous, they are allowed to use the materials to make something they want,” Vazquez said.

Today the library will host a UFO & Galaxy Craft from 3:15-4:15 p.m. for grade levels third to 12th. Seating is limited and anyone wanting to attend is encouraged to arrive early and wait outside the designated craft area.

The events are meant to encourage children to visit the library more often and get a chance to check out books while they are visiting.

Parents are encouraged to check the library’s list of events as all the events are grade level specific and some require registration ahead of time.

A copy of the events schedule is available at the public library.

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