After living in the same apartment building for more than 35 years, I’m finally moving to a new place.

The landlord wants to remodel the apartment where I live and the three others in the building, and offered me an apartment that’s almost exactly the same in the building next door to mine, five doors north from where I live now.

I’ve been struggling with managing my artist’s clutter for several years now, and the move gives me the perfect opportunity to get rid of things I no longer need or love and “start over” in a new space.

But I’m a creature of habit, and the just the thought of moving makes me anxious, not to mention to amount of work that will be involved.

To top it off, the Boy and his lady Kira decided to drive in from their home in Allen, in the Dallas area, with my granddaughter Aylah and grandson Elliott for Aylah’s eighth birthday, which was Monday. (Happy birthday, little one, I hope your year is full of amazing adventures!)

I’ve started moving my things to the new apartment in the early mornings while it’s still cool, trudging back and forth like an ant carrying pebbles.

On Saturday morning, as I walked back and forth carrying load after load of books and wondering how I was going to get this all done, I began hearing a clear, high-pitched, two-part whistle: che-beee, che-beee.

I paused in the apartment parking lot, my arms loaded with books and looked up and saw a pair of raptors with long, pointed wings carving graceful silhouettes into the pale dawn sky.

They were Mississippi Kites, likely the mated pair that has been nesting somewhere close to the street where I live for several years now.

Mississippi Kites are fabulous aerialists, and these two are no exception, gliding through the morning sky with an unfeigned ease that cannot be entirely physical. As I watch them, one of them lands in the very top of a tree across the street.

These kites are summer residents of Del Rio, and in addition to this pair, I know there are several other nesting pairs along the San Felipe Creek.

I continued with my move, but the entire time I was packing books and boxes back and forth, the kites seemed to accompany me, circling overhead and calling to each other. When they came close, I couldn’t help but stop and watch them for a while. The pair was back on Sunday and again on Monday.

I will be glad when this move is done, but it was nice to have to have the kites keeping me company while I was doing it.

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