Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

To each his own I say, and obviously the local columnist has made his bed with Donald Trump and defends him at all costs. In the age of Trump, the budget deficit has skyrocketed 19 percent and is now at $1.7 trillion. And that isn’t chicken feed.

“Little Rocket Man” in North Korea has gone bananas mocking Trump all summer testing missile after missile.

China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea are old news. I wrote about that a long time ago when China was heavily militarizing the islands, creating fear in the surrounding countries.

But “Strong Man” President-Dictator Duterte of the Philippines sounded like Trump with little rocket man’s missile testing – no big deal.

But in the age of Trump, China has developed a powerful bomb that can be fired horizontally out to sea. And that would be a problem in the Formosa Strait, if we ever have to go to the defense of Taiwan.

The claim is the bomb can totally destroy an aircraft carrier.

I haven’t heard Trump make any comments on that one.

But the U.S. Navy, I’m happy to say, has not been cowered by China’s militarized islands, not to long ago, a USS Navy Destroyer-Cruiser sailed past close to the islands.

In the case of the Chinese super bomb, the Navy may already have a countermeasure, but it’s a secret. And don’t let Trump in on it, lest he blabs it all over the place. And Trump in a show of false bravado to please his supporters would probably drop a nuclear bomb on the launching site. And that would start something evil coming this way, and that would be all she wrote for everybody. Which only the Bible thumpers would enjoy.

But not to worry. According to a lady Bible aficionado in the devotional page, “Ye shall go out with joy.” But there is a teensy-weensy little catch; ye shall go out with joy only if ye comes to Jesus with a pure heart, they say.

Pure of heart? That’s a tall order for most of humanity.

But think of the rewards, Bible thumpers like to say: God is waiting with a place he has prepared all nice and comfy for you, a new Garden of Eden. Well, if that’s true, hopefully God will leave out the serpent this time.

The lady further says that “global warming is a lot of bull.” Is the phrase, “a lot of bull” in the Bible? And she adds: “Trump is right on that one.”

And I say Trump on greased skids is heading to Dante’s Inferno, where he will be greeted by his “strong men” dictator pals, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jing Ping.

Look, I am not a brave man when I mention God in my column, but Bible thumpers condemn billions of people just because they don’t hold the Bible as their truth.

Jesus did not condemn anyone. But he disliked the religious hypocrites like the weasel-face Pharisees, and in the New Testament he told them to “give unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar (government) and to God that which is God’s (soul) and that is a mandate from Jesus that too many Bible thumpers willfully ignore.

Some so-called “Men of God” like the Pharisees, may think they hold the keys to the gates of Saint Peter.

The American Founders followed the give unto Caesar principle and established a secular Constitution, and it is doubly good they did, otherwise we would be a bunch of fiefdoms with the big ones pounding the small ones into the ground everyday like they did in merry olde England when church and state were two peas in a pod.

Anybody who looks to Trump for holy guidance is going against both, Jesus and the Founders. And like Trump will be on greased skids going down not up.

Trump is a different president says the local columnist. Sure, he is different president, but not a good human being. He lies to the media; therefore, he lies to everybody.

He stands there with his orange face telling reporters how much he loves clean water, while in private he is attacking the Clean Water Act, rolling back clean water protections.

Both, Trump and China are losers in their trade war. The outcome will not be good for peace and prosperity. Some Bible thumpers are already jumping up and down with hallelujahs, and praising Trump for his alleged holiness.

But Trump is more like a hatchet man, throwing monkey wrenches into good works.

Just like the Republicans in Congress.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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