2018-2019 Miss Del Rio Teen Kaylee Yi

2018-2019 Miss Del Rio Teen Kaylee Yi will compete against 108 girls across the state of Texas for the Miss Texas Teen USA crown. Yi looks forward to meeting the contestants and hopes to make the city of Del Rio proud.

2018-2019 Miss Del Rio Teen Kaylee Yi will be competing for the Miss Texas Teen USA crown this weekend in Houston, Texas. Yi will represent Del Rioans and compete against 100-plus girls for the chance to win the crown and a multitude of rewards.

The Texas Teen pageant is a preliminary to the Miss Texas USA pageant, and Yi will compete on Saturday and Sunday, against 108 girls from across the state.

“I have been putting in countless hours toward interview preparation and runway walk. I have also spent time working out and taking time to relax, as it has proven to be hard work and dedication,” Yi said.

Yi knew the pageant would take effort and she was eager to ensure she was ready going into the pageant. “I knew I needed to sharpen my onstage presence and walk, so I worked a little bit harder on that,” Yi said.

Teen contestants will be judged on three equal portions in the pageant; interview, activewear and evening gown.

It’s been 30 years since Del Rio has had a contestant place in the pageant, pageant coach Edward Guerrero said. In 1989, 1987-1988 Miss Del Rio Kristi Wright competed in the pageant and placed as the third runner-up.

“I do feel as if this is a big moment for Del Rio, considering we haven’t had a winner in exactly 30 years this year; I would love to place or bring back the crown,” Yi said.

Yi believes God has a plan for her and she’s ready to represent Del Rio. Win or lose, Yi has gotten to know herself better and representing her community has changed her life.

“The one thing I have learned already is that pageantry is all about being the best possible version of yourself, and being confident in who you are,” Yi said.

Participating in pageants has allowed Yi to enhance herself and show people how she plans to make a change. Yi hopes her participating in the pageant will make Del Rio proud.

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