What the leftists hold near and dear to their scheming, screeching, and overly-sensitive little hearts is for total, complete mind control. What they advocate is that everything they are for is held as the truth, nothing but the truth so help them Big Government. And everything that they are against is held to be on the wrong side of history, radically enforced by the Long Arm of Their Laws.

They say “poof, poof” to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of private property, freedom of the press. There is no such thing as the Constitution or the Bill of Rights; these freedoms are not tenets of our government that have been faithfully upheld for generations, but viewed as mere pieces of old parchment to be torn up and discarded into the rubbish bins of antiquity.

Tyranny and totalitarianism are the new toys that this generation of childish adults wants to play with throughout their lifelong journey of groupthink. They never had to face the real world, they are not about to start now.

They want to live in their make-believe world of flights of fantasy where everything is to their liking, no one dares disagree with them or their oh-so sensitive feelings are hurt and they seek retribution for our snubbing and slighting them.

They detest discomfort of any kind; they will rant and rage against anyone and anything that disturbs their dreaming in la-la-land.

The hard, cruel world is not to their liking, they stubbornly protest so that it will be to their liking.

Not-thinking-for-themselves only Group-think allowed: shouting loudest, doing littlest.

Everyone must bend to their “likes” or they will “de-friend” them from their social media accounts.

They live in their insulated bubbles where the echo-chamber is deafening.

Mass media and social media desperately seek to “be-friend” them so they pander to their preferences, pushing their leftist’s slogans, so they will forever happily purchase their preferred products-of-choice.

Left-left; left-right-left! Merrily-merrily-merrily life is but a dream, off-together-they-go, marching into the setting-sun of socialism.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

Del Rio, Texas

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