604 N Main Street

Owners of this property at 604 N. Main St. have made “great progress” in starting repairs on the old house and a two-story garage at the rear of the property. The city’s building standards commission has voted not to take any further action seeking to demolish the house and garage.

Members of the Del Rio Building Standards Commission will take no further action to order the demolition of a North Main Street house after lauding its owner for “great progress” in starting repairs on the structure.

Building standards commissioners discussed the house and free standing, two-story garage at 604 N. Main St. during their April 29 meeting. The meeting was held via teleconference because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Former City Public Works Director Craig Cook, who also served as the city’s dangerous building official, told members of the commission they had reviewed the structures at 604 N. Main St. during two previous meetings.

“It’s a two-story house and a two-story garage that accesses the alleyway in the back. At the time, the owner, Mr. Tom Paterson, and later his son-in-law, Mr. John English, told us they wanted to restore the house, and they’ve made good progress,” Cook said.

He said the house was first discussed at the December 2019 meeting.

“The commission wanted it to be secured, to clean the area and remove the porch roof, which had fallen and leaned up against the building, and you wanted all that done by Jan. 24 and then have another discussion, and we did that at the January meeting,” Cook said.

“All of the broken windows were secured. He removed the damaged porch and built a very nice one,” Cook added.

He said commissioners during the January meeting directed the owner to replace the main building’s front door, which has been done, and to return for an update at the commission’s April meeting.

“The next tasks are to pressure-wash and paint the exterior, to prepare the second floor of the garage for rent, and then replace the main house roof with red shingles, as it was many decades ago,” Cook said.

“Great progress has been made. There’s lots to do on the house, there’s no doubt about that, but I’m confident in Mr. English’s intent to continue on, so my suggested motion will be that no further commission action should be required,” Cook said.

He then invited English to speak to the commission.

English thanked the commissioners “for giving this house a second chance.”

“I really do appreciate you guys working with us. I’m really hoping once all this (crisis) is over, we’re really going to accelerate progress on the house. I know I said this before, throughout this process, I’ve really fallen in love with Del Rio, and I’m really hoping once we can get back down there, and complete the work on these structures, I really want to dump a whole bunch of money into the area, revitalize that whole area and help you guys in your efforts in beautifying the city, especially in making that Main Street area just really look nice,” English told the commission.

Of the house itself, he said, “I’m really looking forward to getting it back to its former glory.”

Commission Chair Isidro Valdez Fernandez then made a motion the commission take no further action on the property, with Commissioner Jesus Salgado giving the second.

“I’m pleased with the work they’ve done,” Commissioner Tomas Robles said.

Before the vote, Salgado said he would like to see more of the homes in that area of Del Rio restored.

“It adds a lot to the area,” Salgado said.

The commission voted unanimously to approve the motion.

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