Monoplasma performs their single “Te Llevo” to the audience at the Fourth of July celebrations at Lt. Thomas Romanelli Park.

Rock band took the stage, performed pieces from their album and Latin hits to the audience for the Fourth of July.

Monoplasma performed at the Fourth of July festivities at the Lt. Thomas Romanelli stage on Thursday afternoon.

The band is a fusion of Hector Geronimo, singer/songwriter and former frontman of alternative Spanish band Moebio; and Cesar “El Vampiro” Lopez, three time Grammy Award winning guitarist and former member of iconic bands Maná, Jaguares and Azul Violeta.

“We’re glad we could be here. We want to spread the love of Latin Rock music along the border towns,” Geronimo said.

Rock ‘n’ roll music at the border is considered provocative and rebellious by Geronimo.

The band performed pieces from their album “1” to the audience and included their hit single “Te Llevo” as part of the performance.

Geronimo added it was very important for the band to perform as they continue captivating audiences and introduce more people to their music. The performance was concert number 232 of the band’s continuing tour, #TourInterminable.

Monoplasma was accompanied on stage by Jorge Guevara, former singer of the band Elefante.

Guevara and the band performed hit singles “Me Vale,” “La Planta,” “La Negra Tomasa,” and “Así es la Vida,” before closing out their show.

“I’m really glad to be able to perform here tonight. Long live rock ‘n’ roll and long live the U.S.A,” Guevara said during the performance.

Every city has its charm and Geronimo added he thought Del Rio was lovely. Before the band and Guevara left for their next musical venture, they did a quick photo session with audience members.

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