U.S. Border Patrol agents Anthony Valdez

U.S. Border Patrol agents Anthony Valdez (left), Comstock Station, and Sean Hynds, Carrizo Springs Station, represented Del Rio Sector at the recent Border Patrol Firearms Challenge. Valdez and Hynds won the team completion to bring home the Traveling Chief’s Cup Trophy.

Agents assigned to Del Rio Sector brought home the top award from the Border Patrol firearms competition, The Chief’s Traveling Cup Trophy, beating out 19 other sector teams, Nov. 19.

“I am extremely proud of the agents that represented our Sector,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz. “The Firearms Challenge is about strengthening the bond between agents, and it gives them a chance to demonstrate the marksmanship skills they dedicate their time to build.” 

Teams from all 20 Border Patrol sectors participated in the inaugural Firearms Challenge, with 40 individuals demonstrating their sportsmanship, proficiency and marksmanship. There were two divisions within the challenge, two-agent Sector Team and Individual.

The Del Rio Sector team, comprised of Agent Sean Hynds of the Carrizo Springs Station and Agent Anthony Valdez from the Comstock Station, placed first.

By winning the competition, the Del Rio Sector agents brought home the top award, The Chief’s Cup. The Chief’s Traveling Trophy Cup, will be proudly displayed at Sector Headquarters until Del Rio Sector has the opportunity to defend the trophy in next year’s challenge.

Agent Hynds further highlighted his marksmanship skills by placing third in the individual division.

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