The weather conditions were perfect for a concert the night before Halloween. It was 70 degrees, clear skies and low humidity.

The sun was beginning to set as nightfall approached. A dog was barking nearby but the soundcheck on stage soon muffled his howls.

Food truck “The Armpit of Texas” prepared fresh brisket as Del Rioans entered the Villa Bonita event space to attend Del Rio’s first ever drive-in concert.

The Fall Drive-in Music Fest began at 7 p.m. on Oct. 30 and featured musical guests Arrowhead, Street Lamp, William Beckmann and Family Jewelz.

Musician Edward Hernandez, the event organizer, said he wanted to do something that Del Rioans could enjoy and have as an escape.

“I want everyone to get away from their problems,” Hernandez said. “I want everyone to get away from COVID and enjoy themselves.”

The concert still had COVID-19 safety protocols. Guest parking spaces were 15 feet apart and guests had to wear masks when going to the bathroom. “The Armpit of Texas” delivered orders to cars to discourage attendees from congregating at their food truck.

Guitarist Nicholas Garza of band “Street Lamp” said he and his group wanted to perform at the event to give back to the community and give Del Rioans something to do.

“I feel like people mentally and physical need to get out for their well-being,” Garza said. “Life doesn’t stop.”

Life has not stopped for the Kiesel family who attended the concert. Corey Kiesel was the first person to purchase tickets for the sold-out drive-in concert. She took her husband John and mother-in-law Sally.

“It’s important to have events in general but especially with the pandemic. You have to be more creative,” Corey Kiesel said. “Hopefully by people becoming creative, it will open more events like this.”

Hernandez said he has some ideas for other events he would like to do in the future. His goal is to continue bringing people together with music.

“Music is the savior of the world,” Hernandez said.