Comstock Independent School District received the highest rating for TXSmartSchools and student academic progress ranked at or above average of their peers.

TXSmartSchools is an online resource that empowers school districts to benchmark themselves against their peers and enables parents to assess the quality of education their children are receiving compared to its cost.

“The goal is to improve education by identifying Smart Schools that are both effective and efficient, and then highlight their successful practices,” according to the program’s website.

Comstock ISD received the program’s highest rating, five out of five possible stars in the recent 2019 TXSmartSchools ratings.

“Only 51 school districts (public and charter districts) in the state received a five-star rating,” according to a Comstock ISD press release. There are 1649 public school districts and charter school districts combined in Texas.

Along with the school district’s rating, Comstock student academic progress was stated at or above 92 percent of their peers.

“Many education sites rank schools based on student performance alone, but TXSmartSchools also includes education spending efficiency,” according to the release.

The program uses academic, financial, and demographic data to identify school districts and campuses that produce high academic achievement while also maintaining cost-effective operations.

TXSmartSchools uses both academic progress and spending levels at Texas’ school districts and individual school campuses. Each district and campus has been assigned a Smart Score of one to five stars, which indicate the success of combining cost-effective spending with the achievement of measurable student academic progress compared with their fiscal peers.

A five-star rating reflects the strongest relative progress combined with the lowest relative spending.

The program’s rating method for school and district comparison calculations uses three-year averages, in order to get more stable and persistent measures with less year-to-year volatility. The 2019 results are based on data from the 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years.

Citizens interested in Comstock ISD’s rating can find more information at and search for Comstock ISD.

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