Teams of local, state and federal law enforcers and friends and supporters played tug-of-war with a 50,000-pound fire engine on South Main Street Saturday morning.

The event, “Pulling With A Purpose,” was a fundraiser for Special Olympics Texas, explained Sergio Mendoza, who has served for several years as the coordinator for Del Rio fundraising events, which include the truck pull and annual Law Enforcement Torch Run.

“We are a grassroots group that comes together trying to do different community events, specifically to raise funds for Special Olympics athletes. Today, we are going to be pulling a fire truck. It’s about 55,000 to 60,000 pounds. We’ve got teams of 10 members, and we have seven teams. The team will pull the fire truck 75 feet. Each team will get two pulls, and we’re going to average the two times, and the team with the best time will be awarded first place,” Mendoza said.

When the dust from the rolling fire truck had settled, the Border Patrol team ranked first, with the Texas Department of Public Safety team earning second-place honors and the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office team coming in third.

Mendoza, who is employed by the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office, said he does it for the Special Olympics Texas athletes.

“Ever since I started and got involved in this, seeing the benefit to them is enough motivation for me to keep doing it,” Mendoza said.

Saturday morning’s event was held on the 600 block of South Main Street in front of CrossFit Del Rio training center.

“I feel like the event was a huge success, as we had great participation and, as always, friendly competition,” Mendoza said after the event.

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