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Lanie Zook, 6, a Comstock Independent School District student, works on her “coloring door” as instructed by her mother Tiffany Zook (not pictured). Local and area students are working at home due to the local disaster declaration issued by state and local officials on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local parents shared their perspective on homeschooling their children, while physical classes are suspended until April 3 during the ongoing novel coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis.

As schools across the nation announced classes were suspended, the internet took the announcements and joked about parents struggling to fill in a teacher’s role. Local parents were left with little preparation for homeschooling when it was announced classes were suspended for local school districts following Spring Break, March 9-13.

Yet, Comstock Independent School District parents like Tiffany Zook, and San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District parents such as Maddie Trevino, embraced the situation while understanding teaching is more than just instructions on a sheet of paper.

“The past few weeks made me appreciate their (her kid’s) teachers and the patience they have to go over concepts until they are mastered. I also appreciate how teachers match the students’ energy level all day long. Now I’m ready for bed when my kids are ready,” Zook said.

Trevino said she communicates with her children’s teachers on a regular basis, in order to understand the homework assignments.

Both mothers agreed their respective school districts have communicated well with them, with both emphasizing they are available to help in any way.

“We appreciate that level of commitment,” Zook said.Zook also adds her own assignments such as art projects, ukulele and more, as part of what she calls “Momstock ISD.”

“As a secondary education, family and consumer science teacher by trade, I was definitely up for the challenge to homeschool,” Zook said.

“We are so fortunate to live in an age where technology can connect us to any subject matter, to creative art projects, to blogs full of lesson plans to make learning engaging,” Zook said.

Students and parents are not the only ones feeling the sense of isolation. Local campuses shared sentiments of longing for its students by placing messages, along the lines of “We miss you” or “Our campus is not the same without you” on their announcement boards.

As a form of encouragement during these times, San Felipe Del Rio CISD elementary schools did drive by parades on Monday, with various school staff driving by and waving at the students.

After a fist suspension, classes were going to restart on March 27. But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order last week, suspending all school activities statewide until April 3 at 11:59 p.m.

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