Years ago my brother in law and I had an irrigated farm. I liked to farm so I did a good bit of the plowing. Some of the farm had deep soil and it was fun to plow that ground but there were other places that had rocks just under the surface.

You had to be very careful and go around those spots or you would tear up the plow and that ground did not produce anything.

Those rocky pieces of ground remind me of something in the Bible. People’s hearts can become hardened. Pharaoh’s heart is a good example. He would not listen to Moses God’s spokesperson and his heart was hardened, (Exodus7:13).

It ended up costing him his life and was forever separated from God, (Exodus 14:23-28). There was also the nation of Israel, Gods chosen people, when they failed to listen, their hearts became hardened and they either suffered greatly or were killed, (Numbers 21:4-7).

There is a great danger in failing to listen to God and obey His word. God can and will harden a person, family, community, nation or nations so they cannot hear or understand about the things of God, (Zechariah 7:8-12).

Before Jesus was crucified and He was performing many miracles and explaining how their sins could be forgiven and they could have eternal life in Heaven, they would still not listen, (John 12:36-40).

John 3:16-21 plainly says we must accept Jesus Christ and put our faith in Him.

See you in Church next Sunday.

Brother J, whose real name is Jerry Davenport, is an ordained minister and has worked extensively in Mexico.

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