Aorwyn Pridmore-Harris

Del Rio High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Cadet Aorwyn Pridmore-Harris serves pickles onto a guest’s plate, with Savyn Perches, Layla Bustos, Daryana Galindo and Lisa Garza offering other food options during the 30th annual Wild Game Dinner.

Del Rioans enjoyed a night of wild game and various opportunities to win prizes throughout the 30th annual Wild Game Dinner on Saturday night.

The dinner took place at the Del Rio Civic Center with approximately 1,100 people in attendance throughout the night.

The turnout for the event was great and there was enough food to go around, Del Rio Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Blanca Larson said. Ticket prices were lowered this year to commemorate the event’s 30th anniversary, according to Larson.

Throughout the raffle, attendees were given the opportunity to play in a colored card raffle. Those participating in the raffle had a 1 in 52 chances to win a prize.

A different game gave attendees the chance to win a Coors cooler. Participants paid a $5 fee to play and relied on luck to win the cooler.

Del Rioans also had the opportunity to purchase a line of tickets as long as their wingspan for only $20. Those tickets were later used to raffle off a party wagon with bottles of whiskey inside.

Approximately 165 volunteers helped this year, Larson said.

Volunteers helped prepare the food as early as 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, giving attendees a taste of hog, venison, turkey, sausage and guisado.

The volunteers came from Laughlin Air Force Base, Boy Scouts, Gear Up, 4-H, Brown Plaza Association, Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps TX-66, Career and Technical Education Culinary and Welding programs, Del Rio Downtown Association, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Explorers, Ram Booster Club and a few individuals.

This year the event also consisted of a silent auction in the Red Oak ballroom, with themed gift baskets and other prizes up for grabs.

The auction went well, according to Larson, with a variety of prizes available to entice the public.

Vendors, including Hikari Coffee Co. and Chuckie’s Beef Jerky, offered their items for sale to the public.

By the end of the night, 125 rifles and more items were raffled off to the attendees.

Mugs, aprons and other items commemorating the event’s 30th anniversary were available for purchase in the Red Oak ballroom.

Another addition to the event was the induction of seven volunteers into the Bill and Donna Langford Wall of Fame. The volunteers were recognized the morning of the dinner, Larson said.

The volunteers were inducted for their participation over 25 years or more at the Wild Game Dinner.

2019 Bill and Donna Langford Wall of Fame Inductees are: Gary Humphreys, Jimmy Murdoch, Jim Bush, Ret. Col. Simon Benavides and JROTC TX-66, Tod Townsend, Garry Stehle, Dan Kozak.

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