Nirce Gómez

Nirce Gómez (right), Consulate of Mexico in Del Rio cultural affairs, instructs and shows Del Rioans how to cut, shape and place conical points onto piñatas during a workshop on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Parents and children wrapped up Wednesday the piñata workshop held by Casa de la Cultura, in conjunction with the Consulate of Mexico in Del Rio.

Approximately 11 families made and decorated a piñata in time for the Christmas festivities. The sizes for the piñatas were predetermined to insure each family was provided one during the workshop, Consulate of Mexico in Del Rio Cultural Affairs Nirce A. Gomez Hernandez said.

Del Rioans were taught the significance behind the points on the piñatas and its history, according to Gomez.

Typically there are two versions of the piñata, a seven-point and a five-point piñata. The seven-point piñata represents the seven capital sins and when someone breaks a point, they are rid of the sin, according to Gomez.

The five-point piñata is shaped to look like a star and represents light, Gomez said.

For timing purposes, families created four-point piñatas. After each point was properly placed on the piñata, each family began decorating it with papier-mache.

Vivid colors, such as yellow, orange, blue and pink, were used to decorate the piñatas. Gold is also used, according to Gomez.

Creating a piñata takes approximately between one to two weeks. Within two workshop sessions of two hours, the families were able to complete a piñata and take it home.

Each family was taught how to put the piñata together, make a hole and insert candy. “We hope they’ll use it (the piñata) for their posadas,” Gomez said.

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