Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) will be sponsoring and hosting a presentation on Aug. 31, along with Casa de la Cultura and La Clinica de Immigracion De San Jose, on bullying. 

The event will provide parents and students with information about child’s rights pertaining to bullying and strategies to manage and overcome harassment. 

“It’s kind of twofold,” said Tovah Penteloviteh, the TRLA attorney who will be coordinating the presentation. “The first part is the talk about bullying and harassment and the school grievance procedure that you can go through in order to file complaints about bullying and harassment; to get the school to take action.”

The second part of the presentation will offer information regarding TRLA and inform attendees about the various services they have available for youth and parents said Penteloviteh.

She said it’s ultimately about empowering the individual and family by educating them on how to self-advocate through the school grievance process.

Penteloviteh said that TRLA isn’t conducting the presentation because of a high prevalence of bullying in Del Rio.

“Del Rio is a more underserved region that we like to provide advocacy and know-your-rights kinds of training whenever possible,” she said.

TRLA is a nonprofit organization that furnishes free legal services to low-income residents in 68 counties of Texas and represents migrant and seasonal farm workers throughout the state.

The event will be held at the Casa de la Cultura at 6:30 p.m. and will be presented in English and Spanish.

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