Have you ever thought about how our past actually led to our salvation? God could have made us all perfect, however we live lives separate from God until we finally surrender unto the Lord. Perhaps we need to know that without us falling, we would never have come to know Jesus as Lord, much less know how much we need him. Truth is, all people, since the fall of mankind, when Adam and Eve did sin, are born into sin, we all fall short of the mark, but Jesus Christ came to set us free!

It is easy to live a life separate from our Creator, when we live a life full of material things and everything seems so great. However, God loves us enough to let us learn and grow, as well as fall, until we finally have had enough. Some of us of course, had to grow up and fall even further than others. Yet God had a plan.

After 35 years of playing in the world of a sinful lifestyle, I finally got it! Resurrection Sunday, 1995 I finally surrendered my life to Jesus. I fell hard, but I landed in the soft hands of Jesus, welcoming a prodigal son back to my Creator. I am now a new creation in Christ, all things are passed away, everything is new! Jesus saved a wretched sinner like myself. Praise God, he knows when to pick us out of the world!

The sad things is, some people are so seemingly blessed, but are still separated from our Creator. God is pleading with you right now, if that is you! You only have to answer that knock on the door of your heart like I did some 24 years ago. No regrets everyone! I am at peace with my God and Creator! You can fill up your lives with the very best the world has to offer you, and achieve the greatest of achievements, but still be empty inside.

The question is, when you finally leave this life, what will you take with you? Are you aware that all you take with you when you die is your very own soul? So therefore, the Bible says, “ What will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul”? If you can not answer that question and be sure of your eternal resting place in the life to come, to be a place you want to be, then please rethink things, and listen a little harder for that knock on your heart! Jesus is just outside the door waiting to come in! Some people will never answer that door, and they will regret that decision for eternity!

It is in my spirit to say this, and it is very important! God is speaking to this generation today in so many ways. For one thing, it is time to get real about where you are going to spend eternity, for tomorrow is promised to no one, only one day, we shall all die and then stand before God in judgement. The other thing in my spirit to tell you is, some of you reading this are not, I repeat are not prepared to stand before God in judgement.

The fact is, that anyone whose names are not found written in the book of the Lamb’s Book of Life, you must know that you are in danger of being separated from God for eternity when you die. That means, that all who are without Christ, all who do not believe there is a God in heaven, the fallen, the unjust, the unbelieving will spend eternity with the god you served while alive on this earth, who is Satan, the devil in hell.

I will not mix my words here, because some of you that have read this far, you don’t even believe in God or know who He really is. Some of you even go to a church, and you have some form of religion, but still are not saved. You have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof, by never truly surrendering your life in truth unto God. You believe, yet even the devils believe, and they tremble at the name of Jesus!

Now everyone, let us reason together, this is between you and God, no one else! When you stand before God you are either in or you are out! Which will it be?

Speaking to non-believers especially but please everyone pickup this book.

I would like to invite you to read a book which just came out this Tuesday. It is called the “Oracle”, by Jonathan Cahn, the number one best-selling author. You can find undeniable truth, about the scriptures in God’s Word, the Bible, being absolutely true! You will find God also, who you never believe existed, truly does exist. Compare his notes with actual scripture Jonathan points you to, those that prophetically proclaim the truth about God and the Bible.

The Messiah, awaits to save all who will come to Him and be saved. His name is Jesus Christ, the only one and true God, Creator of all things in heaven and in earth. There is no other name by which man can be saved! I double dare you who do not believe in God or that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, to seek out the truth! For God Himself will do the rest, and you too, can find true peace in Jesus Christ, for eternity! The “Oracle” is available at bookstores and online most everywhere. Also pick up a copy of Jonathan Cahn’s other best selling book entitled, “The Book of Mysteries” while you shop!

Larry Locker is an evangelist in Del Rio.

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