The Whitehead Museum hosted its annual Val Verde Archeological Fair on Nov. 2, which allowed local citizens the opportunity to come face to face with artifacts from the past, animals to pet and games to interact.

“We come every year and love what they offer my daughter,” said Alyssa Perez, whose five-year-old daughter, Kalliope, took part in rabbit stick throwing.

The two-day event continued its longtime tradition of showcasing several booths full of history, lessons and excitement. Among the more popular stops were the flint knapping, blacksmithing, prehistorical music instruments and the museum brought along a camel for the occasion.

“We take pride in presenting this event to the public because it’s important to learn a little of their local history,” said Amistad National Recreation Area Education Technician Amanda Curtis.

“I brought my son out so he could experience something different,” said Joe Hutchinson, whose four-year-old son, Jensen, participated in rabbit stick throwing.

Another staple of the event included the pounding of steel by Chuck Stone, a blacksmith who has been on it for the past 22 years. Also, another mainstay included the Buffalo Soldiers from San Antonio who showcased various items from the iconic group formed after the Civil War. And residents also learned looming, weaving and the different parts of a spinning wheel.

“I’m glad young people came out and learned a little bit of history,” said Allison Watkinson, from Fort Clark Springs and showed patrons how cotton becomes string. “This skill has been around since 500 A.D. and was instrumental in making soldier uniforms.”

“I just want to thank everyone who came out today,” said Curtis. “It’s a huge event and it takes a lot of people to put it together, from the volunteers, to the partnering organizations and the museum. We try to make it better every time and hope to have more volunteers next year.”

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