Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

Trump’s Ukraine policy was pro American anti-corruption. Why wouldn’t the Obama/Clinton Deep State be staunchly against it? How could they make fortunes, forced into honest behavior?

It all boils down to Did Trump commit a crime for exploring the possibility of a crime by Hunter Biden for accepting 3 million bucks plus more than $50,000 thousand a month from Ukrainian Burisma oil company for being the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden?

Ukraine prosecutor, Viktor Shokin was investigating Hunter’s windfall. A video exists of Joe Biden bragging “I told them I’m leaving by 6 p.m., and I want that prosecutor fired or you’re not getting the billion dollars. Well SOB, they fired him.” That’s real quid pro quo.

The Democrats are using Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian’s new president, who ran on anti-corruption, as proof that Trump held up funds until President Zelensky agreed to investigate Biden’s deal for his son Hunter.

To prove he didn’t, Trump released the official transcript of the conversation in a first time surprise move for the Democrats. The Democrat held secret hearings with new rules not allowing Trump’s attorney to represent him, and disarmed the Republicans, ruling out their ability to subpoena witness to contest evidence, all in deepest secret testimony.

Then Democrat Schiff leaked only Democrat propaganda to the Democrat media. I am surprised that 90 percent of America aren’t convinced that Trump is guilty.

The far left never cares about people, but use them as useful idiots in their own words.

There was absolutely no quo for Trump because even if he asked Zelensky to investigate Biden, Zelensky wasn’t aware that Ukrainian funds were held up until Trump was satisfied there would be no more corruption, soon thereafter released.

But now a former Obama/Clinton sycophant claims the released conversation left out two words that nobody else remembers, and the media carries water for anything casting doubt on Trump. If the Democrats had a crime on Trump, it would be the most public trial in the history of personal destruction! They don’t! But today, with a 90 percent-plus leftist media, all Republicans are guilty until proven innocent.

There is nothing about this desperate ploy bi-partisan. Republicans can’t see anything without Democrat approval, with the bitter taste of Mueller’s $35 million failure fresh in their mouth. They aren’t going to wait for evidence this time, they are creating it. If they win we won’t need future elections, just let the deep state civil service power-hungry mob decide our future.

After all, the voters aren’t smart enough to determine America’s best future at the polls. You may soon hear the infamous name Eric Ciarmella. Please be open minded when you do. A partisan impeachment was exactly the thing our Founders feared most.

In an Alpha Omega world where presidents do nothing, folding to the loudest mouth Deep State, Trump is all Alpha. If you will observe without bias, you can only see that Trump celebrates when the downtrodden bottom climbs the ladder of enough into the productive middle, paying taxes as America continues as the dominant economy and benevolent military in the world for good. As a humble little boy from Beulah striving to be the best cotton picker I could be, with wonderful parents who always tried to help the poor, I perfectly understand Trump.

Rasmussen polling finds that 17 percent of Democrats say they think more like Trump, up from 12 percent last year. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, said 60 percent of those attending Trump’s Minnesota rally were Democrats or independents; 34 percent of those attending his Grand Rapids, Michigan rally were Democrats.

Rasmussen’s most recent poll has Trump Black support at a record high of 36 percent. A recent McLaughlin poll has Hispanic support at 50 percent. Leftist Marist/NPR poll shocked critics with the same 50 percent finding.

Even Trump enemy, Politico had Hispanic support at an impressive 45 percent. Minorities are thrilled with tax relief, growing jobs in small business with rising wages as patriotic Americans.

Now lets us all pray for honest election to learn the actual truth.

Just remember that Nancy Pelosi has for nine months held up the new Trump NAFTA bill that would create up to 180,000 new jobs, bigger than the potential China deal for America’s future, while spending all their resources to impeach Trump.

The Bull Durham Special Council will find the Democrats were the real culprits working with Russia to make Hillary our next president. The left just can’t let you know the real criminality of the Obama/Clinton years of injustice, but it’s coming soon.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party.

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