Texas Sen. Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton)

Texas Sen. Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton), right, is interviewed by Antonio Guillen, a reporter with Univision in San Antonio.

Texas Sen. Pete Flores said he attended Thursday’s “State of the Border” event to foster the principle of transparent government.

Flores, a Republican who lives in Pleasanton, Texas, represents District 19, the largest Senate district in Texas, which includes Val Verde County.

“I’m here to visit with the Border Patrol and listen to what (Del Rio Border Patrol) Chief (Raul) Ortiz has to say about the ongoing crisis that we’re having here on the border and so they can answer any questions the community may have about their mission and how they go about that mission, how they do things, why they do things,” Flores said.The senator said he believed presentations such as the Del Rio Border Patrol chief’s “State of the Border” address fostered “a transparent government.”

“While I represent state government, we want to make sure the people I represent here in Del Rio and all across the border region are getting good-quality service from our federal officials, and when they’re not, I will do what I can to make sure our congressional representatives, congressmen, senators, up to the president, understand what the needs of our citizens here are,” he said.

“We want to make noise if there’s a need to make noise, but sometimes there’s a time to listen,” the senator added.

Flores briefly addressed earlier questions raised by city and county government leaders about providing state funding to help pay for some local costs incurred by those entities as a result of the border crisis.

“Everything is coordinated. Of course, the roles of government are different, from the counties, to the cities, to the state, to the federal levels. It’s not the state’s role to be in immigration, but at the same time, we work with local health officials on health issues, but the lead goes to the local officials,” Flores said.

“The state’s resources come in on natural disasters and on massive breaches of the peace, health emergencies. But that starts at the local level, by people saying they need help,” he added.

Flores said he will continue working with his colleagues and local officials.

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