Fred Bowers

Fred Bowers, a Rotary Club of Del Rio member and past president, was one of the speakers on Sept. 12, during the celebration for the 50th anniversary of the dedication of Amistad Dam. Bowers was a carpenter foreman during the construction of the dam and talked about the excavation, backfilling and general construction from 1965 to 1969.

On Sept. 12, the International Boundary and Water Commission celebrated the 50th anniversary of the dedication of Amistad Dam, in Del Rio.

Speakers from the United States and Mexico presented remarks about the dam and spoke about the importance of the relationship between our two countries.

Rotarian Fred Bowers was one of four guest speakers from the United States at this special anniversary event. Bowers worked for the general contractor Perini during the construction of Amistad Dam from 1965 to 1969.

He was a carpenter foreman and during his presentation he told stories about the work they did excavating to bedrock, backfilling with base material, and using blasting powder to get to the level for the hydro-electric tunnels.

Bowers has been a Rotarian for 19 years. He has twice been President of the Del Rio Rotary Club and five times he was the Assistant District Governor for Rotary District 5840. He is a certified Rotary Leadership facilitator.

Bowers is often relied upon how to do things in the Del Rio Rotary Club because of his extensive knowledge and experience as a Rotarian.

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