Two suspects allegedly found in possession of drugs in a drug-free zone were recently arrested and charged by Del Rio Police Department officers. Alejandro Castillo, 23, and Martina Henry, 49, were arrested at approximately 7:10 p.m. on Feb. 4, at Arteaga Park.

The suspects were arrested by Del Rio Police Department Officer James Biscaino, and charged with possession marijuana in a drug free zone less than 2 ounces, a Class A misdemeanor.

According to documents filed with the magistrate’s office, Biscaino was patrolling the 300 block of Arteaga Street with his windows rolled down when he saw four individuals smoking in the dark, by the swings at Arteaga Park.

Biscaino could smell a strong odor of marijuana in the area and only saw the four individuals at the park were smoking.

Biscaino introduced himself as a Del Rio Police Officer and asked if the subjects would identify themselves, which they did. Two of the subjects were identified as Castillo and Henry.

Biscaino asked the two men if they would allow him to administer a pat down of their outer garments for any weapons, an affidavit states.

During the pat down Biscaino could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from Castillo. Biscaino asked Castillo if he had any marijuana on his person.

Castillo, the document states, said he had the remains of a joint on his person. Castillo was asked to empty his pockets, dropping a silver and gold metal pipe.

Questioned by Biscaino, the four individuals said they had arrived to the park in Henry’s car. The police officer then searched the vehicle and found a small red clear plastic bag with a green leafy substance located in the center console.

The substance in the small bag was identified as marijuana. During the investigation all four subjects denied ownership of the marijuana found in Henry’s vehicle.

Henry and Castillo were placed under arrest for possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces. They were transported to Del Rio Police Department for booking and processing.

Charges for possession of marijuana were enhanced due to being within the boundaries of a public park with three or more play stations intended for the recreation of children.

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