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The City of Del Rio is conducting a survey through the end of November, an opportunity for Del Rioans to let the city know how they are doing. The survey was created and developed by City Manager Matt Wojnowski, the city’s Public Relations Department said in a release.

Del Rioans are welcome to submit their survey within the next seven weeks, until Nov. 30.

“The survey will be composed of seven short questions which will allow you to rate a variety of categories, areas, and services offered by the City of Del Rio. This will let the city know how you learn about City of Del Rio services and information; and will provide feedback about spending in a few major areas.”

This free and quick survey is available via Google Forms and no demographical information is being asked. Del Rioans are encouraged to share the link via email, social media, or by mobile device to others in Del Rio. The link can be found on the City of Del Rio website and the City of Del Rio Government Facebook page.

“Del Rio is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind community and this survey will help us improve Del Rio for everyone,” Wojnowski said.

The city prefers online submittal of the survey questions; however, a paper copy of the survey can be dropped off at City Hall or mailed to: Del Rio City Hall, 109 West Broadway Del Rio, Texas 78840.

During December, the results will be compiled and analyzed with plans to share the results at a Del Rio City Council meeting in January 2021. Ideally, similar questions will be asked on an annual basis to track the progress.

For any questions about the City of Del Rio survey, please contact the City Manager’s office at 830-774-8558. Matt Wojnowski can also be contacted via email at

To take the survey click in the following link:

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include a direct link to the survey.

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