The real “concentration camps” are not the facilities on our southern border as the National Democratic Leadership asserts; rather they are the facilities throughout the United States, in mostly minority neighborhoods, where babies are being savagely slaughtered.

Some people might disagree that abortion facilities are nothing like “concentration camps” because abortion is legal. Did the citizens of the United States vote on this issue? Did our elected representatives legislate on this subject?

The so-called “right to abortion” is not found in the text of the U.S. Constitution or in the Bill of Rights. It is a court-created, court-legislated, court-imposed dictum that was conjured up and given the stamp of approval by a select group of men in black robes. If that doesn’t paint an ominous picture, I don’t know what does?

Others might dissent from the reference of abortion facilities as being like “concentration camps” because women have bodily autonomy and are free to choose to kill their babies. But ask yourselves: How many are truly, freely choosing to kill their babies? How many are being forced to kill their babies?

Women and girls are being compelled by their families, their boyfriends, their partners, their husbands, and especially the prevailing societal norms that propagate the insidious and ingrained lies that abortion is the only answer to the “problem of an unwanted-pregnancy.”

Brow-beaten and brainwashed, is this the picture of a choice freely made? Scared and sobbing, is this the image of a girl/woman who wants to exterminate her baby?

Some might object to this reference of equating abortion clinics with “concentration camps” because it is not the government that is doing the killing.

Well, are you aware of tax-payer funded abortions? We give our hard-earned money to our government to spend on aborting babies, and our government magnanimously gives it to Planned Parenthood to spend on abortions. And to keep the money flowing, Planned Parenthood makes donations to the Democratic candidates running for office.

We are all complicit in these crimes against humanity in our neighborhood “concentration camps.”

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