Goodnight Del Rio book

Tiffany Zook and Marge Jesberger, a mother-daughter duo, created the bedtime story “Goodnight Del Rio” to commemorate the local community. Proceeds of each book purchase will go toward helping the Gem Foundation.

Del Rioans can read a new bedtime story to their children or grandchildren, as a mother-daughter duo released a book about the local community.

Marge Jesberger and Tiffany Zook collaborated to create the bedtime story “Goodnight Del Rio.”

“The idea came to me during Christmas, when my daughter received a board book written about our hometown in northern New York,” Zook said.

Zook teamed up with Jesberger, her mother and a freelance writer, and wrote the book together in January. The book was a process in the making, as Zook wanted the book to be published in the United States and some of the photos were a challenge to find.

“Friends and neighbors kindly shared photos included in the book. It was truly a team effort,” Zook said.

The book features pictures that capture iconic moments and locations such as the Whitehead Memorial Museum and Lake Amistad.

On each picture page is a brief paragraph that rhymes and showcases a bit of information of that captured moment. “Goodnight Whitehead Memorial Museum and the history we hold dear, where we learn about Judge Roy Bean and the wild west frontier,” reads one such paragraph.

The book has become popular since its debut, as Zook has personally delivered over half of the produced product and shipped some copies out to Germany and Italy.

Zook added Del Rioans will be able to purchase their own copy at local businesses Mesquite Creek Outfitters, Russell True Value and Val Verde Winery.

Those seeking to make an online purchase can place an order via People outside of Del Rio who are looking to purchase the book can contact the webpage and will pay an added $5 for shipping.

All proceeds of each purchase benefit the Gem Foundation. The foundation is a home in Uganda for children with special needs that have been abandoned, orphaned or abused, according to the foundation’s website.

“I’ve made two trips to Kampala to spend time with the Gems, the directors, staff and the nannies,” Zook said.

According to Zook, the foundation’s greatest needs are child sponsorship, medical expenses and funds to complete the Gem Village’s onsite medical center.

The Gem Village is a fully handicapped accessible community, with a farm for the kids and staff.

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