Dimitri “Misha” Collins

Dimitri “Misha” Collins offered cookies, with a link to the Val Verde Border Humanitarian’s wish list of items and donations, to San Diego Comic Con attendees. Collins is known for his role as Castiel in the popular show “Supernatural.”

Dmitri “Misha” Collins, actor from popular show “Supernatural,” offered cookies to San Diego Comic Con attendees, which provided an online link for monetary donations and item purchases for the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition.

The cookies had the website spnfamilyvalues.com printed on the sticker of the package and took people to a webpage dedicated to the coalition. Coalition President Shon Young said the coalition was aware of Collins’ actions prior to the comic convention, and tried to prepare a website for the incoming online traffic.

“We knew ahead of time it was going to take place. We tried to set up a ‘crowdraiser’ but we ran into some issues, since we’re new and all, and they were able to set up the SPN Family Values webpage for us,” Young said.

The cookies were handed out during the last day of the convention, and according to Young there was a line of “several thousand” people waiting to receive them. “There’s some videos of him (Collins) passing them out. So when they (the attendees) line up at comic con, it’s like his ritual to come back and hand out something,” Young said.

According to Young, the cookies were passed out in H hall, known as the venue for San Diego Comic Con celebrity panels. “It was during the last day, since Collins’s show is on its last season,” Young said.

“The #SPNFamily values all families. So I’m issuing you all a sweet challenge to help us share our core #SPNFamilyValues with migrant families,” Collins said in an Instagram post on July 21.

Young added the cookies and SPN Family Values were a lead up to another of Collins’s projects. “The reason they did that was because a week to ten days later they (SPN Family Values) had GISH,” Young said.

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (GISH) took place between July 27-Aug. 3 this year. The scavenger hunt encouraged people to help others in need within their local communities as well as doing other activities.

The coalition was added onto this year’s scavenger hunt and people who completed the task were awarded a certain amount of points. In order to cross the coalition off of their list, people were tasked to purchase an item from the coalition’s wish list or make a monetary donation.

Once people did that, they took a picture as photo evidence in order to receive points and later possibly win a free trip.

Young said after the San Diego Comic Con the coalition received over 2,000 packages and 500 monetary donations. So far the coalition has not received any visitors from GISH, but they are looking forward to receiving them.

Collins is known for his role as Castiel in the television show “Supernatural.” The show has been on air since 2005 and will conclude with its 15th season.

Collins character was introduced in the show as part of the fourth season, and is considered a fan favorite alongside protagonists Sam and Dean Winchester.

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