Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

I believe city administrators are always pulling the wool over city councils, and this includes the present one.

Except for one or two members, the rest always vote with the mayor(s). Why is this? Why are some always so quick to make a motion cutting off any further discussion on the issue at hand?

Recently, Public Relations Manager Victoria Vargas stood before the not-so-sophisticated council with her handout, and a song and danced asking for $70,000 and got it.

The money is for advertising the presence of American Airlines at Buzzard airport. Funny thing though, when asked about the numbers on ridership, Vargas responded: “I know there is an exact number, but I don’t have that on me.” Couldn’t she get info from American the same way American “informed the city that there is a lot of traffic coming from Seattle, Wash. to Del Rio for tourism?”

And later she was asked again what the ridership is, in and out of Del Rio, Vargas said the airline had posted an average 80.8 percent flight occupancy. Hmm.

First she says she didn’t have the numbers on her, then she says the average flight occupancy is at 80.8 percent?!

Well, that sounds fantastic, and flying in and out of Del Rio at 80.8 percent is plenty of advertisement already. It sounds like the initial advertising is working. The council should not have been so quick to shell out $70,000 on the barrelhead before getting the airport manager’s input of the flight numbers.

And Councilmember “Fred” Contreras Jr., said: “I believe the city will fill the plane with Del Rio, Acuna, Piedra Negras and Eagle Pass residents.” And I ask Mr. Carranza, is not 80.8 percent ridership filling the plane? You are not going to get 100 percent.

And haven’t you heard that Mexican officials are planning to build an international airport in Acuna? If that happens, there goes the Mexican flyers for Buzzard.

In the News-Herald article, it sounds as if Mr. Contreras threw up his hands, and went for broke with $70,000 to help American Airline coffers. And on top of that to help pay for an inflight video which American should be paying for.

Airlines know Buzzard is so desperate for airline service, they throw cash at them.

Begging them to set-up service in Buzzard Gulch. All for the sake of Del Rio, and Acuna business flyers.

The same thing happened with United Airlines. They came in on a $5 million guarantee against losses. When business people couldn’t come up the passenger crowds United expected, they pulled up stakes and gave Buzzard the horselaugh all the way to the bank with Del Rio’s $5 million.

Plane tickets for a family with children is too expensive. The families drive to all points Texas, and beyond if they have a need to.

Seventy thousand dollars is just another contribution to American Airlines. Business doesn’t need any help or sympathy from city councils.

Here is how bad the poor CEOs have it:

From 1978 to 2018 CEO compensation has increased 300 percent.

Our plant manager told us, “No man is worth $2 an hour,” while he got a bonus check for $30,000. This is in early 1960s, and if the Caterpillar Union workers were getting $2 an hour, heck I thought I was worth at least $2.50 an hour, but only getting $1 an hour.

Today, company CEOs make 270 times more over their workers. That’s highway robbery!

I don’t know if God is white, red, black, or brown, but too many Republicans in Congress, the way they act, they probably think God is white. The weirder ones like the representative from Iowa, Steve King, who recently said that the world was populated by “incest and rape.”

King’s declaration comes from his belief in the myth of Adam and Eve. Only Rep. King should know that there never really was a Garden of Eden.

Representative from Wyoming, Liz Chaney “was appalled” at her colleague Steve King’s remarks about how the world got populated.

But a local columnist would call her “a cowering Republican” and holds cowards like King and Trump as American heroes.

These two white supremacists have a long line in American history, and the words on the Statue of Liberty mean nothing to them.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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