Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

You can’t dance in a buffalo wallow, but Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is doing the two-step in muck and mud up to his knees.

In the Bill Clinton impeachment leading up to a trial in the Senate, Graham was a House Representative, and chosen along with others to present the case to the Senate.

Before the trial got started, Graham told the American people that in order to have a fair trial, witnesses would be needed. Now, the weasly Mr. Graham says no witnesses are needed for the Republican Senate majority. That means an open and shut case in favor of Donald Trump.

Isn’t that just a Republican forked-tongue?

And the local columnist calling the Democrats communists with his rants of come on over to the Republicans, we have a crock full of tricks which include how to kick the working man’s butt with low wages forever. There are jobs available, but they are all low paying jobs.

Robert Mueller’s investigation found evidence of witness tampering by Trump, only Mueller did not have the authority to really dig into it. And in particular when Trump’s personal Attorney General Bill Barr took over the Department of Justice.

New deals with Japan? Right and they include Toyota high-tailing it to Mexico out of San Antonio where Toyota already has a plant. Now they will have two. Yep. The cheap labor in Mexico gives the local Republican columnist something to cheer about.

Trump is not cutting into China’s world trade dominance with his puny, and hesitant tariffs while China continues its reign of thievery of U.S. trade secrets and innovations.

China is making inroads into Africa and South America, places the U.S. has been slow to deal with. Trump gives lip-service to South America, and that’s all. And he wants to get out of Africa.

A strong nation, a powerful nation maintains peace and prosperity around the world.

The crisis in the Middle East created by a president whose unpredictability and unilateralism threatens the global dominance previous U.S. leaders spent a century building up.

Today the Senate Republicans are circling the wagons around a president purely because of his party affiliation, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the trial will be held in the dead of night and no new witnesses.

That sounds more like Venezuela than the United States with one exception, the Russians are deeply involved in both countries’ politics.

And China? Well, here is an excerpt from an article in the San Antonio paper: “Federal officials launched an initiative two years ago specifically aimed at fighting China’s theft of trade secrets. Formulas for diverse technologies have been stolen with tactics ranging from employees stealing documents to intercontinental hacking.

“Chinese officials are not American business friendly. Coca-Cola, for example, has been complaining about the Chinese system rigged against American business like them. But Chinese politicians don’t care. To them, Chinese business comes first. Of course. But what about fair?”

And an impeached Trump will make even less of an impression on Chinese officials. Standing on the stage facing the World Economy Forum must have been a bitter pill to swallow, and he looked it.

I’m not totally heartless, I felt sorry for him, but he brought it on himself.

Locally, 97 percent of Del Rioans want the city cleaned up and as a coincidence the talk in the last two or three City Council sessions has been about landfills.

It seems places for dumping junk, and garbage like what they call Cells 3 and 4 are filled, and Cells 5 is getting full while Cell 6 is filling up.

But all is not lost. We have a stash of 75 acres waiting to be filled but a permit is needed. The permit should not be a problem, they say, and then we will have at least 10 years of glorious dumping, and we will be singing like the seven dwarfs: a dumping-we-will-go, a dumping-we-will-go, hi-ho, the merry-oh, a dumping-we-will-go!

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday. The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.

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