Miss Val Verde Arianna Rodriguez

Miss Val Verde Arianna Rodriguez talks to the audience in a video featured in the Miss Val Verde Pageant System Facebook page, explaining how to make crispy tacos. The pageant royalty and contestants have been busy online, due to social restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miss Val Verde pageant contestants and reigning queens are launching a series of virtual recipes for Del Rioans to make while enjoying some family bonding.

Contestants and reigning queens in the Miss Val Verde pageant shared videos of themselves creating their favorite recipes online on Tuesday afternoon. Each person did a different recipe, while explaining through verbal and visual cues how to create the final result.

As of Wednesday, 10 videos are available to view and feature Miss Val Verde contestants Mia Ortiz, Nicole Meza, Audrey Marshal, Lil Miss Raelyn Rodriguez, 2019-2020 Miss Val Verde Teen Natalia Sanchez, 2019-2020 Miss Val Verde Arianna Rodriguez and more.

Del Rioans can view the videos on the pageant’s Facebook page.

The contestants have been unable to make public appearances in the city of Del Rio, as the ongoing novel coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis continues. Other events the contestants have participated through virtual methods include Denim Day.

The pageant itself has been postponed for Aug. 29, with ticket sales currently on hold. Claudia Lopez, director for the Miss Val Verde Pageant, has updated the girls on the current situation.

Lopez previously said the current reigning queens will continue their reign until the day of the pageant.

This is the second time the pageant has been postponed, as it was originally scheduled to take place in April and was then pushed back to June.

The pageant is described as a journey for the contestants, as they learn skills they will use the day of the pageant and in outside world.

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