Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

President Trump tells us to relax, “we are doing great,” this will pass he says. But a Dr. Fauci who as director of the Center for Disease Control said at the same Health and Safety Informational headed by Vice President Pence: “The worst is yet to come.”

Well, which is it? Relax as our president tells us, or heed Dr. Fauci’s warning, and prepare mentally, and if the case arises, prepare to take whatever precautions are told for us to take by our local leaders and medical experts.

People do not relax when told by weather experts of a dangerous storms approaching. We find cover.

Don’t run hither, and tither like a crazy person. And do not clean out the shelves at the grocery store, buy only your usual groceries for a week. Don’t be hog.

I got in line behind a lady at a Walmart checkout recently whose cart was overflowing with groceries which looked to me like she had two of everything.

Like Noah and his ark.

And at H-E-B the other day, the checkouts had the longest lines, and every checkout was busy. One man even had two baskets full. That’s crazy. Anyway, the whole thing made me feel like a piker with only five items in my cart. And only two of them were food.

Coronavirus is a sneaky disease, and it came out of China. And in America, it appears the virus was being transmitted for several weeks before cases were recognized as such. Now reports say 67 Americans have died from it. And over 3,000 suffer from corona symptoms.

But Bible thumpers say everything comes from God, so coronavirus may be a good thing? We got it from China. So God blessed China with coronavirus so China could share it with the world? God just loves his creation to death.

I doubt God has anything to do with evil, and the coronavirus is evil. But America’s right-wingers like to blame everything on God, because they can’t handle the truth of life with all its carbuncles. Have you never heard life is not perfect?

And it will not most likely be perfect for the children of the poor who eat breakfast, and lunch at school if the schools close.

New York City teachers raised such a ruckus about the schools not closing that it forced the New York City mayor to finally close the schools.

But the schools’ cafeterias are open long enough to fix what they call a grab-and-go lunch. A take-with-you lunch for the kids.

I read recently in the San Antonio paper where 13th Century Europeans brought over Chinese laborers to do jobs, only they got more than they bargained for. The Chinese laborers brought the plague with them, and it pretty near wiped out the Europeans. Could the same thing happen today? Of course, it’s already happening. It started in China and is now around the world. And it looks as if Italy is bearing the brunt so far. The Pope is not going out into the crowds anymore, nor appearing at the window either. I suppose the reason for that is for the people’s own good; it’s not safe to bunch up anymore. President Trump has changed his have no fear tone, and in a coronavirus update on March 16 admitted that “it’s bad.”

You bet it’s bad, and worse because the caregivers, like nurses for example, are not immune to the disease. Nobody is. Maybe not even doggie and kitty.

But American’s experts on the subject are not sitting by idly. They are working on a treatment which hopefully will be proven sooner rather than later.

An article by Farhad Manjoo in the New York Times as printed in the San Antonio Express says: “This is what happens when you ignore and silence front-line doctors who warn of impending disasters, as authorities in China did in the early days of the outbreak: a possible global epidemiological, and economic catastrophe.

This is what happens when you gut the United States Pandemic Response infrastructure as Donald Trump has spent a few years doing at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that botches the most basic defense against disease-testing for it.”

But now, a running scared Trump has acknowledged his early dismissal of what Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “the worst is yet to come.”

Trump has been an arrogant dumb president from the very beginning, only his supporters to this day refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

The Oval Office is today for the rich. The little guy doesn’t count anymore like he did in the days of presidents like Kennedy, Johnson, Roosevelts, yes Roosevelts including Republican Teddy.

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday.

The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.

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