After winning his three-way race by a wide margin, County Commissioner Pct. 4 Gustavo “Gus” Flores thanked his family and all his supporters, and said he will remain committed to serve the residents of Val Verde County until the next challenge comes around.

Flores, who is shown by unofficial results as the winner of the race, received almost 600 votes or 21 percentage points more than his closest contender, the Republican nominee Seferino Gomez, III.

“I am very thankful with my father and my mother, my children, all my family members and supporters who were there for me throughout the campaign. Running for office is not easy and it takes a toll on everyone, so I am very thankful for everyone’s support,” the Democrat said.

Flores, who was first elected in 2010, said he is very proud of all the people who has supported him since the first time he ran for office.

“I decided to run for office when I was younger, I wanted to make a change in this community, serve the people of Val Verde County and that’s what I’ve been working on since then,” he said.

Flores said he will be working with County Commissioner Pct. 2 Lewis Owens, who according to unofficial results was elected county judge, and with all other members of the commissioners court to improve the quality of life of the people living in Del Rio and the county.

“We know each other and we will be working together for the community,” Flores said.

“This election represents an endorsement by the community, they are giving me four more years in office to represent them and to work for them,” Flores said.

Flores said residents of his precinct and the community in general have benefited from several projects carried out under his term, such as the Val Verde Community Center, on Cienegas Road, and the Texas Department of Agriculture and USDA livestock corrals.

“We have been working with federal and state agencies to facilitate the import and the export of livestock, before all these operations had to go to Eagle Pass, but we made the arrangements for federal and state agencies to be able to operate from Del Rio,” he said.

Pertaining the Val Verde Community Center, Flores said the food bank and nutrition programs are based on the site, and that hundreds of Del Rioans go there every week to visit the Social Security Administration office.

“We made an expansion to the community center to keep a social security office in town after they shut down the old facility, hundreds of Del Rioans not only from Precinct 4 but from the whole county go there every week,” Flores said.

“We need to make things better for everyone, we are going to bring new programs, keep the precinct clean, pick up trash in the alleys. We are going to work hard as we always have, and do more today than we did yesterday,” Flores said.

Flores received a total of 1,522 votes, 598 more than the 924 total votes received by Gomez and 1,171 more than the total 351 votes received by De Hoyos.

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