The San Felipe Del Rio CISD Board of Trustees took to the stage Tuesday as they dedicated the new student performance center and administration building inside the facility’s state-of-the-art theater.

The highly-anticipated event was attended by a multitude of local leaders and individuals instrumental in bringing the project to fruition.

The 86-year old edifice, formerly Del Rio High School and Del Rio Middle School, respectively, had a story to tell and its vocal conduit fittingly came in the form of SFDRCISD Board Vice President and Southwest Texas Junior College history professor, Josh Overfelt.

“Everything has a history, everything has a story,” Overfelt said. “These stories can bring to life an event or person so we can retell all of that. Today, here in this beautiful auditorium, in this historic building, I get to tell its story and its history.”

Overfelt likened the building to a woman who has continually reinvented herself.

“She’s gone and appeared in TV shows like ‘Call to Glory.’ She’s graced yearbook covers and postcards. Most recently, she’s become a star on social media as she went through her transformation from demolition, rebuilding and refinishing.”

Keynote speaker, State Rep. Poncho Nevarez (D-74), was duly impressed with the modern yet anachronistic facility.

“You look at a building like this and you look at the result and where it’s come from in 85 odd years, the only logical conclusion — well, there’s two -— one is, there’s a God, and two, that this is a labor of love. I can’t express it any better than that,” Nevarez said.

He said the performance center and administration building reflects the symbiotic relationship between past and future.

“When you contemplate things like this and you realize how important the past is, because the past is important, you have to look in your rearview mirror too, you have to see what was behind you ... and this is part of your past and it’s a beautiful part of your past,” Nevarez said. “And as we use it to look forward...everything that we can use this building for that’s our future.”

SFDRCISD Superintendent, Dr. Carlos Rios, was highly appreciative of the efforts put forth by a former board of trustees in facilitating the commencement of the project.

“It is quite an honor to sit here and just be part of this reunion,” Rios said. “I’d like to express a tremendous amount of gratitude to the school board of ... 2013-2014 for approving the investment in the projects that were recommended by the citizens committee. It took courage, intestinal fortitude and vision for them to approve this venture and it was a well-placed investment. Thank you to the board of trustees.”

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