Celeste Hill drafted an image featuring an armadillo holding the scale of justice. Hill will use the final sketch of this image to paint the control box located on S. Main St. and Broadway St. for the Control Box Art Project.

Traffic light control boxes in the downtown Del Rio area will be painted by the city of Del Rio, Casa de la Cultura, nine local artists, Del Rio High School students and the Creative Arts Club at Southwest Texas Junior College for the Control Box Art Project.

The paintings will add “some color to downtown Del Rio,” according to the Casa’s social media post.

“The city approached us about this art project and we jumped on it quickly,” Casa de la Cultura Executive Director Lupita de la Paz said. According to De la Paz, the project is meant to promote the arts and bring movement to the downtown area.

Each artist has been working on their design draft and within a few weeks will begin painting the control boxes. De la Paz said there is no specific theme the artists must focus on.

After an idea is drafted and the control box is cleaned, each artist will begin painting, according to De la Paz.

The artists will be provided paints and will receive a stipend for their work. “We will be sealing them (the paintings) so the design can last as long as possible till we have to redo them,” De la Paz said.

According to De La Paz, the goal is to try to have the control boxes painted and sealed before the Fiesta de la Amistad events. “We don’t have to finish by then, but since our community enjoys the downtown area during these festivities, that is our goal,” De la Paz said.

Some artists have already begun painting this week. The designated control boxes are along Cantu Road, Bedell Avenue, N. Main Street, S. Main Street, Pecan St. and Griner St.

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