Vega Verde

One county commissioner is recommending the paving of this portion of Vega Verde Road to facilitate the movement of commercial trucks to the Del Rio Industrial Park.

County commissioners court members during their most recent meeting discussed future road projects they say will facilitate the flow of traffic in three separate areas of the county.

County Commissioner Pct. 3 Beau Nettleton said one of the projects he would like to see carried out in his precinct is the extension of Amistad Boulevard northwest to the Lake Amistad area.

Nettleton also suggested a project in a fellow commissioner’s precinct.

“I’m not trying to step on (County) Commissioner (Pct. 2 Juan Carlos) Vazquez’s toes, but a project in his area that I think we need to look at, to help the traffic issue on Highway 90 during school, is the paving of Jap Lowe Drive, to do something with that road,” Nettleton said.

“The traffic on Highway 90 in the mornings and afternoons is terrible,” the commissioner added.

County Judge Lewis G. Owens Jr. pointed out the issue with Jap Lowe is that it is a private road, not dedicated to the city of Del Rio or to Val Verde County.

“The road is in the city limits, yet they don’t maintain it, and if they would do away with it, or say that it’s not in the city limits, then the county could pick up and spend some money on it,” Owens said.

He added if the city would accept formally accept the road for maintenance, the county could enter into an interlocal agreement with them “to help them when we can.”

“But they’re sitting on their hands, so ... ,” Owens said.

“I understand; it’s just that the traffic out there is just a nightmare. If we could work with the school district to come up with an alternative route to try and solve that ... I realize all the complicated issues,” Nettleton said.

“The city really needs to figure out what they want to do. If they’ll go ahead and either de-annex it or accept the roads and actually let the county spend county funds out there if we have them and put it on their paving plan in five or 10 years, that would be great ... The city really needs to move on that one, and I don’t like throwing rocks at them, but it really is their fault,” Owens said.

County Commissioner Pct. 4 Gustavo “Gus” Flores said he would like to open Vega Verde Road and redo a crossing over the Cienegas Creek.

“That would be a very important project if we ever get a second international bridge, that would be a shortcut, an easy way for those trucks to come to the Industrial Park,” Flores said.

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