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Luis Rosas

One, local, big news is that Buzzard is moving forward with its community sports complex. Community? Which community? I dare say that Chihuahua, Comalia and San Felipe don’t give a who dunnit for the array of announced sports fields any more than they did for the failed golf course.

It’s just another North Del Rio project for North Buzzard enjoyment and should be named North Buzzard Sports Complex.

Buzzard city planner Ms. Pokrant in the News-Herald article sounded like the city is sitting on a pile of cash from donors and grants.

If it weren’t for grants, where would the city be? But the city is moving forward she says, and the cost to the city will only be in the preparation of the grounds. And she sounded like the whole complex, when completed in its entirety, would have all the bells and whistles.

And of course Mr. Mayor and Councilmember Ms. Elizal-de-Calderon are maybe all agog about it. Mr. Mayor giving the first and Ms. Elizalde giving the second for the council to approve a resolution to seek construction proposals.

And Mr. Mayor says: “I think this is an awesome project. I am very excited to see it came to fruition.”

I wonder if the dynamic duo got as excited when they heard some weeks back, that San Felipe Creek was teeming with e-coli? Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t read or hear and references on the subject from anyone. Is Buzzard numb? But Luis, what could the people do? The city itself (government) is having problems with the sewer pump along the creek.

A recent leak was discovered quite by accident; luckily a lady who works for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was passing by, and reported the leak near the Canal Street bridge.

The buzzard wastewater superintendent tried to put a good face on the whole ancient pumps things, saying once the city gets a million (paraphrasing) dollars cold cash; he can start the replacing of the pumps altogether or “raise” the old ones and create more space around them to make it easier to make repairs when needed. I hope the superintendent is not holding his breath for the city to shell out a million simoleons for new sewer pumps or the modernizing of the old ones.

Obviously previous councils didn’t give a rats rear-end either. And today’s council can apply for grants, and solicit donor cash for “Field of Dreams” but not to invest in sewer pumps to prevent future leaks?

A crappy creek is not good advertisement for tourists or birders. And ignoring the problem is like sweeping the dirt under the rug.

And now from leaky sewer pumps to a local columnist who ignores the crap that comes out of the Oval Office as described by Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Mueller who seemed sedated, never the less confirmed what we already knew:

• Concerning WikiLeaks, the rogue organization that publishes government (U.S.) classified material, Trump in one of rallies said, “I love WikiLeaks.” And Mueller said: “That gives hope and a boost to what is and should be illegal.”

• And to Trump’s constant denigrating of Mueller and his investigation, Mueller said no hoax, no witch hunt, and no exoneration.

• When asked if knowingly accepting foreign (Russian) assistance is unethical, Mueller said yes, and a crime, he added.

• Mueller’s Report points to significant, and substantial evidence Trump was involved in the political crimes of his 2016 campaign which Mueller said was a campaign of “lies, greed and crimes,” and Trump can be indicted after he leaves office.”

And now for a few more Trumpian things having nothing to do with Mueller’s Report.

Good news not fake:

American car makers ignore Trump’s pollution rules, and agree with California’s emission standards. Har-har, I am rolling on the floor laughing.

Federal judge blocks Trump’s asylum rule! Oh, man, this is too much. I have died and gone to the happy hunting grounds.

The Senate Intelligence Committee warns of ongoing elections threat.

“Russians meddling as we sit here.” Former Special Council Mueller testifying in Congress.

But Republican Senate Leader, the blocker, Mitch McConnell has blocked a series of elections security bills. Hang Democracy! Save Trump and let the Russians take us over.

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Like the old saying goes, you can't make everyone happy, and you sir fall in that category. Mr. Rosas is citizens like you that always hinders progress for the community with a close minded mentality. Why does everything has to be about a certain part of town. If the developer is donating the land for the sports complex located in North Del Rio why does it matter, what you need to look at is, it's donated land that we (tax payers) didn't have to pay for. The project is good for the community and all tax payers from the San Felipe, Chihuahua, and Comalia, areas of town can utilize this park. If all the future growth is heading towards north Del Rio, it is what it is. Lastly Mr. Rosas if you feel the city is not moving in the direction you think it needs to be, then by all means throw your name in the hat for the next mayoral elections. Yes, I myself grew up in San Felipe and I'm for growth and progress regardless of what part of town it takes place.

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