The Texas Legislature recently passed a long-overdue increase in teachers’ salaries amounting to 7.3 percent of the previous base salary. They now make a comparable salary to some part-time elected officials. They also threw a bone to retired teachers.

The local school administration wanted to show their appreciation to teachers and those covered by the new salary. So they recommended a 2.7 percent increase above the 7.3 that making it seemingly a 10 percent raise coming from the local school district.

However, in fairness to those non-professionals (no degree required), the administration recommended a 10 percent increase across the board for all employees. This would help those at the bottom of the pay scale such as custodial, cafeteria, secretarial and security staffs. But in keeping with fairness the recommendation was for ALL employees. This includes those making 80, 90, and over $100,000.

The picture is not clear, but the total amount to be distributed will be between $3-4 million. That means that those employees making $18,000 will receive $1,800. Those making $100,000 will receive $10,000. That is only fair, right? Oh and let’s not forget the catalyst for this winning jackpot, the teachers. They received a 2.7 percent raise from the school district.

Teachers do you feel used? Tax payers do you feel abused? Board members do you feel proud? Superintendent and staff ... well I know how you feel.

Three to four million dollars could have been used toward the students or, to lessen the amount of the upcoming bond for a new school in the Agarita Street area.

What a scam.

Alonzo Martinez, Jr.

Del Rio, Texas

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