Brian Argabright

Brian Argabright

It took one weekend to remind me how lucky we are to live in this part of the universe that’s called Del Rio.

I spent the past two weekends working with the Del Rio Little League (full disclaimer – I sit on the league’s board) as the league hosted district and sectional baseball and softball tournaments. That meant playing host to teams from out of town, and the fans and parents that follow them.

Following the final game of the tournament this past Monday, a parent from McAllister Park, which is located in San Antonio, came up to me and thanked me for the work the league put in during the tournaments, but he also spoke highly about the community in general.

He relayed a story to me about how he and several of the other families went down to San Felipe Creek and really enjoyed their time on one of our greatest assets. He explained how the people were so friendly and how he wound up buying about $80 worth of sno cones from a nearby vendor for everyone in the group.

The kicker came next. He said Eagle Pass is projected to host a sectional tournament next year, and should McAllister Park qualify again, he said he and several other families would be coming back down to the area but they would definitely take the time to come back down to Del Rio and enjoy the hospitality of this community again.

That’s what I love about our town. The things we take for granted, or just consider a part of our everyday life, mean a lot to people who are passing through.

We are blessed to have the creek, the lake, museums and so many local vendors that are unique enough that they leave a lasting expression on folks who visit. It’s a shame they just missed our Fourth of July celebration or else they really would have seen a glimpse of what this community does to unwind and party.

Think of all the things we have that we’ve seen year in and year out that we decide,

“Well I can miss it this year.

What will it hurt?” Things like the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, the Independence Day Rodeo, the Feast of Sharing, the Cinco de Mayo and Dieciseis celebrations at the historic Brown Plaza are all things we’ve attended at least once in our lifetimes, but many of us may not attend anymore because we think we’ve seen it all.

The reality is supporting our local activities means that this event can continue from year to the next.

Even if it’s something you may have seen before, there’s always someone who will experience it for the first time and your money from the previous year helped make that a reality.

Our community grows because of our efforts. The more we put in, the more we can enjoy it.

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Excellent article. Thank you.

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